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Started by TimeshareTalk, November 18, 2020, 11:17:32

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Sarah Waddington Solicitors (SWS) market themselves as experts in the timeshare relinquishment and compensation claims marketplace. 

There are a lot of companies out there keen to take your money but who deliver very little in the way of actual service.

As a British firm Sarah Waddington Solicitors is regulated by the SRA, which potential clients may see as a reason for confidence in choosing them. 

Many companies receives regular feedback on the different timeshare claims/relinquishment companies from clients and former clients.  So what are people telling us about Sarah Waddington?

Sarah Waddington clients report their experience with them is less than a satisfactory experience after paying thousands of pounds in fees to the law firm.

Here are 3 examples:

Mr/Mrs Bacon reported Sarah Waddington Solicitors as giving them "awful advice'" which "resulted in all of our weeks confiscated for zero compensation".

Mr York reported that SWS charged him just under £6000 for relinquishment of his timeshare and told him that the club he was with (Hilton Grand Vacations) generally 'caved quickly' so he could expect a swift result.  "The next 3 years our emails followed a pattern," says Mr York.  "I would ask them for progress reports which they didn't give me.  Instead, I got a barrage of emails warning me to stay away from their competition.

The wasted 3 years with Sarah Waddington Solicitors cost me another £3,000 in maintenance fees, which I would have avoided by going to ECC in the first place."

Mr Walker reported that: "I was invited to a presentation in Stoke On Trent, where I was told I had a claim against Diamond Resorts for a lot of money, and they would take it on a no-win-no-fee basis, although they still wanted £960 upfront for some kind of fee.  They told me the process would take around 4 to 6 months.  Then 3  months later SWS asked me for another £4,990.  I would get this back once the claim was complete.  They were showing me pictures of people with giant cheques for £20-30,000 and I went along with it.  For the next 5 years, I kept getting form emails saying I shouldn´t worry, and progress was being made.  SWS had told me not to pay my annual maintenance fees, and recently I got an offer through SWS that (instead of a compensation payout) I could pay a further £4646 to Diamond and walk away from my timeshare.  Well, it was in the Diamond contract anyway that I could leave at the age of 75 if my maintenance payments were up to date.  I'm 77 now and this offer was just to pay my backdated maintenance (that SWS told me not to pay) and relinquish the membership.  So despite paying SWS £5950 and waiting 5 years, I gained - nothing from SWS's services that wasn't automatically given to me by Diamond. 

The site lists several complaints against Sarah Waddington here.  The listed complaints mostly follow a similar pattern of 'failure to keep informed/failure to progress'.

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