Timeshare release?

Started by talk-uk, February 12, 2022, 12:08:31

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Hi All, I'm new to the forum. I'm in the UK and the timeshare is in Spain so I hope its ok to ask this question?

Our timeshare owner is trying to sell out to a large company to redevelop into an all inclusive or five-star resort - not quite sure. Myself and others have always wanted should the apartments every become available that we would have the chance to buy.

However after 30 years, the owners are pushing everyone to sign a waiver to close whatever the deal they have. Feeling pressurised, can anyone offer any advice on where we stand?


It is not easy to comment on your situation without knowing the details of your contract.  Legal assistance may be required - but be aware of the many so-called 'law firms' that specialize in fraud and deception - you should not pay money to any firm until you are sure it has real intentions.
You can find more information here https://timeshareassistance.com

APC Investigations

We are not legal experts however if you are being asked to consent to something which was not allowed for in the contract you entered into then, it's a variation.

If one party wishes to vary the contract so that it can do something which will bring them a benefit then you being the other party are entitled to a corresponding benefit.  This will provide adequate compensation for the grant you are being asked to consent to.

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