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Started by SIZLESUZ, July 13, 2020, 10:41:38

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We started buying timeshare from Resort Properties (now Silverpoint) back in 2007 on the promise that it would be a "good investment" and we would be able to make a profit in 2 years!  Whenever we went back to the resort we were persuaded to buy more timeshare and so the story goes on!  Now I understand Silverpoint are apparently in the process of administration.  I have been approached by a company called Timeshare Legals who claim they can get my money back (circa £60k) plus compensation for misselling the timeshares.  They use a company called JLSA who are Spanish solicitors and would take my case to court in Tenerife.  The only drawback is they are asking for £8,000 up front for court fees.  I am obviously cautious about losing yet more money and would very much like to know if anyone has used this company and if so, have they had a successful claim through the Spanish court.
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If they contacted you the odds are that they're a scam outfit, probably run by ex timeshare salesmen!

Persoanlly I wouldn't touch them on that basis
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Tony Moore

Timeshare Legals are not to be trusted. I believe they have just been wound up as a company. JLCA Lawyers do appear to exist but not sure if they can help you. They haven't helped me.


Thanks for the replies.  I too have heard that Timeshare Legals have been wound up but can't seem to find any information about it.

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