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Started by Tand D, April 07, 2022, 15:03:25

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Tand D

I have today (07 April 2022) received a call from a woman, who said she was calling from the "Contract Advice Support Centre".  She said that my Silverpoint timeshare was still registered on the Spanish land agency records.  She then told me that an asset stripping company called 'The Honor Group' were purchasing what remained of Silverpoint so as to benefit from all the contracts still registered, by resurrecting them and charging the annual fees.  She said that 'International Legal Mediation' might be able to assist in rescuing name from this plight and fixed up a Zoom consultation with me and my wife for next Monday.
I have gone along with this because I'm interested to see how this extremely unlikely combination of facts might all be explained; particularly since the Spanish Government has now ruled that 'in perpetuity' contracts are illegal.
I did in fact harry Mr Cushway until he 're-sold' my Paradiso timeshare and I received a cheque and a letter saying my contract was terminated.  I explained this to my caller, but she said that, as long as my name was on the register of the Spanish Land Registry, my contract was still existing though dormant and could be resurrected by the new owner.
Has anyone else heard anything about this, or does anyone know of the companies concerned?
Best wishes,

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