The prosecution of the Monster Travel 18

Started by TimeshareTalk, February 04, 2022, 16:14:02

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Yesterday brought news of potentially the BIGGEST FRAUD TRIAL in timeshare history. The trial process will commence in the City of London's Westminster Magistrates' Court whereby the accused are required to enter a plea to the charges put.

The accused are identified by the Crime Prosecution Service [CPS] as being: -

1) Mark Rowe, [51], 2) Simon Walker, [55], 3) Louise Matthews-Oakenfold, [49], 4) Jodi Beard, [39], 5) Deborah Frost, [58], 6) Samantha McCaulay (nee Jackson), [48], 7) Joanne Physick, [42], 8) Paul Harrison, [51], 9) Nihat Salih, [53], 10) Lisa Salih, [52], 11) Nicola Rowe, [50] 12) Barry Fox, [66] 13) David Taylor, [62], 14) Paul Fowler, [63],15) Lee Evans, [48,] 16) Ian Frost, [50] 17) Josephine Cuthill-Fox, [57] and 18) Joanne Taylor, [47],

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This is killing Timeshare and its reputation but out od disaster come something better



I wanted to provide you with an update following last week's 1st appearance at Southwark Crown Court.

All 18 defendants were in attendance and a timetable has been set and agreed to deal with as many routine legal matters as possible ahead of trails.

It has been suggested by the Prosecution that we are seeking 2 trials of 9 defendants. This has been provisionally agreed upon but is understandably subject to change depending on a number of factors as we progress through the court system.

The agreed timetable at present is:

STAGE 1 - June 2022 is the submission of Prosecution evidence for the defence to analysis.

STAGE 2 - September 2022 is the defence response to the evidence.

STAGE 3 - October 2022 is the Prosecution's response to stage 2.

STAGE 4 - November 2022 is for any other remaining matters prior to trails.

There will be a number of other court hearings prior to the trials that are not listed above that deal with legal issues and applications.


Trial 1 is listed for 8th May 2023 and Trial 2 is listed for 11th September 2023, both trials are expected to last approximately 13 weeks each.


Now that we have trial dates, if you have provided a statement to the investigation we need to know your availability during those periods. Please reply to this mailbox if you have dates to avoid/dates you are unable to attend court between 8th May 2023 and 18th December 2023.

Prevention Advice

This update is likely to spark an increase in unwanted contact from Third Party Companies, our advice continues to be 'do not engage with Third Parties Companies'. If you need advice on matters of this nature or want to update us with details of unwanted companies please reply back to this mailbox and someone will respond appropriately.

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