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Started by , February 15, 2004, 12:35:56

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My wife and I have just looked at the Macdonald Points called 'OPTIONS'. In our opinion, you should stay away as far as possible from this.
We own several weeks with Macdonalds, both in the UK and Spain. One of our weeks is at the troubled Loch Rannock Resort, formerly managed by Macdonalds.
Although the points system seemed good on the surface, it is a blatent way for the Macdonald group to get the owners into a corner and exercise their will, with no redress against Macdonalds.
Anyone who signs up for the points will automatically lose their 'right to vote'for the next 30 years, and hand over the control of their week to Macdonalds, thus allowing Macdonalds to do whatever they want, even to increasing the maintenence in future years to any figure they see fit. There is NO control provided for if you convert to points with this company. Once they own the majority of weeks, they can do exactly what they want, even to the extent of increasing the maintenence to such a level that owners hand back the weeks because it is unafordable, just like happened to Lanzarote Beach Club, giving Macdonald even more control. Judging on past performance of Macdonalds and the way they are treating the owners at Lock Rannoch, it would be  a big mistake indeed if we all converted to the points and allow Macdonalds to do this to us, regardless of any Macdonalds resort that you own at.It seems to us that the company are very interested to sell points, and this removes your right to attend the AGM and your say and vote.This can only mean they wish to extract more money from you and jack you up with the maintenence in the future, and we all have experienced how good they are at this ! We have spoken to many other owners who think on the same lines as us. You only have to look at the way they have treated owners in the past to know that they WILL take us to the cleaners when the have the chance. If enough people convert to the Macdonald points, and then cannot afford vote OR the future increase in fees, Macdonald then own the rights to the resorts, AND WE PAID THEM TO TAKE IT OFF US, by converting to points !!!!!
Don't convert to the Macdonald Points. It could cost you your investment !

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