Started by neil1702, July 11, 2006, 10:27:42

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just became a member of seasons.

have purchased a 3 bed peak red via a resale company. joined due to resorts at seasons inc the new one but just wondering what peoples experienes have been in using i.i. to exchange in particular for florida.


Have used II a few times to exchange, but only for Spain. Not been a problem.
There's loads of resorts in Florida in II, although I'm told some are better than others and they are obviously quite popular. Saying that, if you are trading a 3-bed peak unit in the UK your trading power is very high.
I'll be very interested to know how you get on. Have you spoken to Seasons and II yet?



Welcome to Seasons. I have used II three times for exchanges. Each time I could not get the location I had at the top of my list, but I did get very good accomodation and was very pleased with the exchange. I have a 2 bedroom Red (2 weeks, sleeps 6) and have exchanged for the same level. The accomodation has certainly been up to the Seasons standard.

Exchanges - 1 week at Shawnee Hillside, Pocono Mts in Pennsylvania.
         - 1 week at Fairmont Hillside in eastern British Columbia
         - 1 week at St. Maarten in the Caribbean

Also did an exchange with a Seasons associate at Scotsdale Camelback in Phoenix for two weeks, which again was a good experience (and cheaper than II). I have found both Seasons and II helpful when trying to organise exchanges.




New to this site, but I have been a Seasons owner for around 12 years.
Now owning 3 weeks making me an Elite member of Seasons.

I have been to the following Seasons resorts:

Burn Park - Twice
Laugharne Park - about 7 times
Forest Hills - around 14 times
Club Tahiti - Around 10 times
Alpinus - Once

As you can see from the above, we prefer sunshine holidays, with Forest Hills being our favourite resort, closely followed by Club Tahiti.
In fact. we are off to Club Tahiti for 2 weeks at the end of August.

We have never had a problem that was not immediately resolved to our satisfaction and we are happy with our Membership.



Hi Keith,
Nice to hear from another satisfied owner.
I take it from your visits that you don't use Interval International much.
I've not been to Forest Hills or Club Tahiti but I have been to Alpinus, which I thought was really good. How come you've only been there once?
We too are Elite members but we have also just signed up to the 8 keys scheme. Have you seen this?


Alyson L

I'm new to this site too.  We've been Season's members since 2000 and on the whole happy with our membership.  We really like Forest Hills - its a very friendly resort and a great base for exploring inland.  I've heard that it is currently closed for some long awaited refurbishment, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they've done.
I agree that the "sales spiel" from your rep can be a bit of a nuisance - it can take quite a chunk out of your holiday if you let it. At the end of the day, you have to be firm and if you don't want to upgrade that's your decision.
Our home resort is Whitbarrow - pool is now open after a long drought!! Very swish new reception area.  Staff as friendly and helpful as ever.

Alyson L

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