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Started by UncleZen, May 27, 2005, 15:22:00

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For any Dona Lola owners, Ive just discovered this website:

It says its designed & managed by owners, but Im an owner and I discovered it accidently via a google search!

Ive asked the person on the other end of the "contact" page more about whos behind it (e.g. the management committe?), will post back when I know more.


Thanks for the link.

It appears to be a new site as the first post in the forum is dated 1st April. I hope it takes off as I know from reading the annual owners report that many people have issues with MacDonald's management to date.

I wonder if there are equivalent sites for other MacDonalds resorts?


Thanks I had an Email exchange with Bill The guy who put it together).
He's an owner at Dona Lola and basically put the site together because the management committe havent yet bothered. Its early days, it may evolve, I'll keep my eye on it.
I dont know of any other simila sites for other MacD resorts.


There is a lot of good information on this site which will be of interest to people planning to exchange into, or rent at, the resort.

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