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Plas Talgarth Resale

Started by voyager50, March 14, 2007, 18:38:44

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I am thinking of advertising my Plas Talgarth week on E Bay, very cheap probably as we have not had much luck selling elsewhere (suprise), all the resale companies want to advertise it for thousands when its worthless, still the question is how would the sale transfer be carried out and how do I find out the fees, can't seem to get a reply from Dalfaber, I need to know this to include it with the advert as the buyer would have to cover it.

Thanks Keith


Don't know about transfer charges but why not advertise here in the classifieds first.  I would think you have to noyify the company that you have sold and request a transfer of owb]nership document which has to be signed by yourself and the new owner but not sure what they would charge for this. We were fortunate to have sold direct through the club at Loch Rannoch. Was a really easy process as they took all the hassle out of it.


I've read the replies on the forum although most seem old but not very complimentary of Macdonalds. Not sure if we would get any offers if they read those :), wonder if I could request a transfer of ownership document up front to save time?
thanks for the quick reply to a newby


Have you tried contacting Plas Talgarth.  Ask to speak to the sales team and ask them for a contact number at Dalfaber.


Tried the number for Dalfaber, all I got was an answer machine. Left number but still no reply. Posted an add, lets hope for a responce, great unit 3 beds 2 baths plus sauna and now with global warming november is getting better all the time :) still it does exchange well.


Sounds like one of the Lapwings from the description.  

Just being nosey, but if it still exchanges well (I agree with you by the way) why are you so keen to shift it?  Using one of the alternative exchange companies has the potential to reduce the costs of exchanging.


We own with my wifes sister and her husband who are both now retired (lucky couple) which means pulling in the purse strings and this is one which we decided we could loose. We both have seperate time share units also so we wont miss out too much. I have just registered and banked my other unit with dialanexchange as for the first time since 1990 we wont be heading for Florida, looking at the booklet they sent me my 3 bed unit at may bank hol may well go quickly as they dont seem to have many larger units banked, not a problem with us now as the kids have nearly fled the nest (one to go ). Yes it is a Lapwing and thanks for the interest.


Finally got an answer from Dalfaber re the transfer costs, would you believe £350. Yet anouther Macdonalds rip off, anyway we have decided to pay these ourselves to try to get some interest and offer it for basically free on E Bay. If anyone is interested in picking up a free week let me know.

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