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Started by neil1702, August 12, 2006, 08:53:39

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I was dismayed by all this happening.

As Clowance fixed week (school holiday week) owner,I contacted Seasons .. after many failed promises to return calls. I was eventually contacted by a Seasons representative and told that they wanted £2800 to join there scheme. I said No only to be told that if I held out with my II membership that I would one of a few and they would force me in eventually with extra maintenance fees.

I am the wrong person to try this kind of low grade tactic on. I will have nothing to to with Seasons, I will stay with II and I would urge all you other II and RCI members to stand firm.

What worries me more is it looks like "Butlins" has arrived at Clowance.


I find that very surprising and slightly worrying.

No other Clowance members have said that Seasons have tried to charge existing members to join Seasons.

I don't understand what you mean by holding out with your II membership. Seasons are part of the II 'group' and hence I am a member with II as well as Seasons (albeit for a fee!)

There does seem to be a consensus of opinion between the Clowance owners that you don't like the entertainment offered by Seasons. I can't really comment on it as I have never really experienced it as we are usually back in our unit as the kids go to bed before it usually starts. Most people seem to enjoy it though and I've always had a good time at the clubhouses up and down the country.

May be some of the other Clowance members on this forum could update us with their experiences?

This lot have tried to con me into joining there scheme for nearly £3000.

I can buy a great 5* timeshare on the resale market for less than that

A Clowance owner joining Seasons scheme will find that exchanging into anything they have to offer will be a downgrade from Clowance.

At least you have more choice and quality with RCI etc.

I don't trust this lot at all. They even try to rip you off when you try to talk to them by keeping you on hold with a premium rate 0870 number


Sorry you feel that way about Seasons.
I've been with Seasons for 4 years now and have not found then to be untrustworthy.
I've been to all the UK resorts and the one in Eire, but I've only been to the one 'Seasons in the Sun' resort (Alpinus in Portugal), and have them all to be good places to stay. Some better than others. I certainly don't go in with blinkers on, but for UK resorts they are very good, in my opinion.
I hope to be able to visit Clowance in the near future to form my own opinion on that resort as well.


Sorry that I am going to seem completely stupid but I like to keep life as simple as possible these days (anno domini catching up!)
We bought a fixed week at Clowance some years ago, mainly to improve our trading power for exchanges, as well as having a place to holiday in when old age/infirmity put a stop to our flights across the pond. We own at Hilton Head and absolutely love the place.
I am not in the least interested in buying into Season's scheme, I just want to keep my fixed week but am I going to be pressured by having the already quite substantial maintenance fee increased for this privilege?
We were not able to attend the AGM and I would be pleased if Julia could give any further information.


I gather from what the others are saying that you can just stay as you are. You will probably be asked many times by Seasons staff to swap with them giving many reasons why you would be better off. Up to you to decide on that one really.
If you stay as you are I can't see it costing you any more. I don't think anyone can say how your maintanance fees will change over time, but I know Seasons fees are index linked which, in theory, means they cannot hike them up by large amounts.
I'm sure there are others with more information about this i.e. those that attended the Clowance AGM


Many thanks for your reply.  Will have to wait and see!

Just registered with the site so new but had a few years experience in the industry. Now i have a proper job.

I would like to raise a few points after viewing some of the postings on this site.

1. Have you asked yourselves or the committe how many weeks Seasons own.
2. Most purchases of resorts are not, they are rental deals and if it works then they will pay over time.
3. If you want to visit a seasons resort join D-A-E (free) bonus weeks on Seasons resorts for a fraction of the cost of a maintenance fee. oh and often cheaper than a short break with Seasons !!!!
4. Why give up your guaranteed week. To take pot luck with seasons or even II and the affiliates thats a joke some of those resorts dont even have any inventory available to seasons any more. When your points allocation with RCI is high and should provide good exchanges if the demand for UK is good.
5. The exchange system with seasons to my knowledge they would only have the weeks at clowance they own to get 5star exchange with II that cant be more than 400 weeks so thats not very many split between the 20000 seasons members
6. Neil you had a 3 bed with seasons exchange (anyone can perform this in high availability areas or anywhere based on a late exchange great if your retired
7. The seasons product is a very very very good product but not 5* buy it only if you enjoy their resort locations. Dodgy decor. Butlins type entertainment. Very shady management. whinging underpaid staff and over crowded resorts

Different strokes for different folks is what i say their product will not suit everyone but if you give then half the chance and get a good sales rep. they will make it sound great, my advice.
Stay as you are use D-A-E to try their resorts cheaper option or for the case of a management fee try a green 4 go you have nothing to loose.
straight upgrade i.e. 2br to 2br £2750
buy a 2BR from seasons £8750
buy a resale 2br £1500 then upgrade to full seasons £3950 (its a no brainer)


returned last week from Seasons at Laugharne, most of the guests seemed to be Clowance owners taking advantage of Seasons £25 offer, from what we could gather most would not swap their fixed week for seasons membership especially as they had the nerve to say it would cost £3000. On arrival some folks said that they felt like returning home as the first impression of the resort (Camp Tenko- as named by Seasons staff)was not good but I must say the unit we had was very nice inside and the location of the resort is spectacular. Having said that it does not compare with Clowance. One needs to be fit - it was 116 steps down from our unit to the Clubhouse and the pool is not a patch on the one at Clowance. Very hard sell by Seasons to try to get us to switch. Just hope they do not increase the maintainance charges to force people out.


I would imagine that Clowance will become the number one exchange choice for existing Seasons members; a new resort to the chain and one that appears to be higher quality than most, if not all, of the existing resorts.

As a result, I would think that existing owners who gave up their weeks could struggle to get back in - for the first few years at least.


Have only just after a long absence read the subsequent comments to my own last year!  Nothing else much to add at the moment.  We were given the impression that we could stick with our RCI points membership and given the extortionate cost of joining Seasons we are certainly holding fast on that one, so hopefully others out there will be doing the same and giving other RCI members the chance to exchange into Clowance.

Haven't been subject to any sales pitch from Seasons yet but we haven't been to the resort since they took over so presume we have that to look forward to in the summer ...... not that we will be showing any interest in their offers.


Forgot to say that Seasons did intimate we would be paying a higher maintenance fee than Seasons owners, but we haven't seen the impact of that yet; it may be they're just trying to scare people into joining them?  They have though stopped everyone being able to pay their maintenance fees in monthly instalments which for us isn't too much of an issue but may well be for others..........


Holidayed at Clowance a few weeks ago, first opportunity since Seasons took over.  There are good and bad points for non-Seasons members:

Good points -
1.  Clowance appears to have been given a new lease of life as the resort seems to have a much better buzz about it, restaurants are good and much busier than they used to be (they are franchised out).  
2.  No sign of extra building work yet other than a few units that had already been planned; Seasons staff say the new units that are to be built will be unobtrusive (we shall wait and see).
3.  Staff are very friendly and not pushy ref Seasons ownership - we agreed to sit through an info session about it as we wanted to make sure we were making an informed choice about staying with RCI Points -and there was no pressure to join Seasons.

Bad points mainly relate to the fact that non Seasons owners are discriminated against:
1.  Maintenance is about £200 a year less for Seasons owners but the staff blame Clowance Owners Club for the higher charges that the rest of us pay.  However membership to Seasons was quoted for us as about £4k which is about 20 years of these extra maintenance payments - and we were told this membership cost was likely to go up soon (though this may have been an attempt to get us to sign up straight away).
2.  Non Seasons owners have to pay for utilities (which we always did do) but Seasons owners pay nothing for their electricity etc.
3.  Little touches that we used to appreciate, eg Clingfilm and foil available in the kitchen, now aren't there - you're even rationed to toilet rolls (1 per person per week) and have to pay if you want any more!  It would have been nice to know this before we got there. Staff told us these economies allowed lower maintenance fees to be charged but non-Seasons members don't benefit anyway as we're still paying as much as ever.

Would be interested to hear other people's experiences.  By the way, we're still with RCI Points and have just exchanged next year's week at Clowance for 2 weeks end of May/early June in 3 bed villa at Gold Crown resort in Portugal - Points have been working for us very nicely thank you!


We were at Clowance in October - school holiday week.  Apparently the resort was full, but it didn't seem crowded, except for the pool, which has already been mentioned.  The location is stunning, but compared to both Whitbarrow and Brunston Castle, it felt run down.  The pool was dirty, the units were showing their age, the restaurant very expensive and very poor quality (to the extent we only went once, and we didn't even bother redeeming our free meal voucher for attending another meeting). But, we had a great week, and being within Seasons means I can go somewhere else next year, or return to Clowance should I desire (apparently Seasons are doing a lot of work there, and there is some evidence of this).  We own both styles - a fixed week in the Lakes, and a red week with Seasons, and as far as advice to others is concerned, all I can say is what do you want?  We use our fixed week, we like the Lakes, the resort, and the week, so we're keeping it, and using it.  We also like having a flexible resort and date with Seasons, and use this for October breaks, summer breaks, and we've booked a short winter break with them too.  If you're an owner at Clowance (or elsewhere, Seasons are still on the look out for more in the UK), and you're happy with what you've got, then think carefully about whether it is worth changing.  If you usually exchange anyway, then I'd certainly think about Seasons - they offer more flexibility, and as red owners, we can book 3 green, 2 yellow, or 1 red week a year for a single management fee.  Seasons - would I recommend them?  Yes, if you want the flexibility, and can work around the occasional non-availbilty of week or resort (not that this has yet happened to us).  Fixed week - would I recommend it?  Yes I would, if you want a particular resort, for a particular week.  Horses for courses...and compared to the Club La Costa presentation I have just been too, Seasons has a very "softly softly" approach, which I much prefer!


Took up Seasons offer to Clowance owners of a bonus break 4 nights for 25 pounds; we opted for Laugharne Park in Wales.  Location was stunning but other than that there was nothing to entice us to join Seasons.  There are very unattractive (non Timeshare) "chalets" at the entrance which I had fortunately read about in previous reviews where they're referred to as "Tenkos" - would have been enough to make me turn right around and leave if I hadn't been warned.  I note in previous reviews they were meant to be improved but those comments were in 2006 and now in Feb 08 there is no sign of that.

First impression of our 2 bedroom bungalow was fairly positive, good size bedrooms and lovely views across estuary, but lots of details let it down including rubbish bags found by the front door on arrival; both toilet seats broken (apparently replacements were on order but I don't know how long that will take); hot water system was poor; bedroom window was SCREWED shut and couldn't be opened, we think because the handle was broken but what a health and safety hazard!

We tried out the bar and restaurant, those were OK.  The pool was out of bounds because the boiler had broken down.  All in all it was far from the best resort we've ever stayed in and though only one of Seasons resorts it was a poor advertisement.  Will be sticking as a Clowance owner not a Seasons member.


Sorry you got a poor glimpse of Seasons.
We stayed at Laugharne a couple of years ago and had a great time.
We've been to all the Seasons resorts except Lanzarote and Costa del Sol and been quite inpressed with them all. We recently stayed in one of the new units in the Lake District, which was great. This resort will be even better once the new pool opens.
Anyway, we're now looking forward to coming to Clowance in May. Have heard lots of good things about it more recently having read some quite negative reports from a few years ago.


They told us recently that our week was worth the maintianence fee only.
To join Seasons we would have to pay £6,950.
Sales manager was a slick headed idiot that obviously though that we had come down in the last shower !
My advise to all Clowance owners is keep your week as it stands !
There appears to be alot of resentment by the staff left from Clowance and I for one do not blame them !
Shady tactics by sales staff who have a blank piece of paper and then try the hard sell !
I hope that people read this before they sign up to any deal !


May be an idea to contact Seasons Owners Consultative Committee email:

They may be able to answer some of your questions.


I too have been a Clowance owner for many years and encountered the hairless Seasons Manager. There was a laughable attempt to pressure sell me into Seasons. All they wanted was to sell me more timeshare in return for my fixed week and a £5000 fee I was offered 3 floating weeks or points. Can't really remember which.
I don't think these clowns will be good for Clowance and will avoid them on our next visit.
Luckily my week is in Late March (by choice) so the resort is never too busy.
I too want to know what the owners club do with the extra maintenance fee?


Originally posted by aldfort

I too have been a Clowance owner for many years and encountered the hairless Seasons Manager. There was a laughable attempt to pressure sell me into Seasons. All they wanted was to sell me more timeshare in return for my fixed week and a £5000 fee I was offered 3 floating weeks or points. Can't really remember which.
I don't think these clowns will be good for Clowance and will avoid them on our next visit.
Luckily my week is in Late March (by choice) so the resort is never too busy.
I too want to know what the owners club do with the extra maintenance fee?

Have you ever been successful in getting a response from Clowance Holdings about extra maintenance fees!!!  Our fees this year are in excess of what you can hire a lodge for on the internet for the same week.    No-one at either Clowance Holdings or Seasons want to reply to any of my correspondence asking why we pay more.  I am disgusted that owners have to pay more in maintenance than Joe Bloggs can buy off the internet!!

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