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have now completed my purchase. have booked a week in cornwall (not at clowance as no two bed properties available during school summer hols!?) asked about two additional benefits of being a seasons member - weekend or midweek breaks and the bonus holidays abroad as per the seasons brochure. was told that only certain members were eligible for these breaks (i.e. those who purchased direct) which i suppose is fair enough. Forgot to ask if we could use the affiliated resorts.

I don't know if anyone knows the answer to this but... what is the procedure to getting two weeks hols through i.i if you only have one week's t/share. I presume when you exchange you will need to have booked a holiday with seasons so that you have something to bargain with. Do seasons let you book a year in advance or do i.i hold a year over for the following year? or will i have to rely on the getaways. i say this as i am planning to go to florida in summer 2009, so will need to be careful after next years hol.


Went to Bude last year. Had a great time.

Regarding getting two weeks with II you can bank your week with II and then wait till next year and then bank again thus giving you two weeks.
The other way is to pay your maintenance early and then bank that. We have done that with one of our weeks. I have paid next year's maintenance already and it has gone into the II system on a request.
When banking with II you don't book anything with Seasons. Just the fact that you own a seasons week means it goes into II as a floating week. If you book a week with Seasons, that's your holiday and you can't exchange it with II. Slightly different way of looking at things so if you have any more questions feel free.

I also recently won a prize worth £2,950 and yes the registered letter came through bearing a lovely letter and glossy brochure.  I looked up the website and that too gives a very professional impression of a well established company offering high quality owner club resorts.

I rang out of curiousity and was told adamantly it was nothing like timeshare, Seasons were private club owner resorts (erm, what's the difference?) and oh she was authorised to give me a 50% discount on my first year Management Fees.  

There was no Contract or even a simply Yes I Accept Form to sign, just a request in the letter to send back my cheque by a certain date.

I didn't.

Three weeks after the expiry date, I received another letter through urging me to take up the offer that they had extended for me.

I was tempted but I have children and off season is tricky with school holidays plus we would ideally need a 3 bed property and I'm not prepared to start upping any fees.  CrimeShares websites have quite a few comments re Seasons, some ok but a few bad.  



I think you were probably right to be wary.
To get exactly what you want would cost a fair bit more in membership fees plus Seasons do not have too many 3-bed units. Saying that we were able to exchange one of our 2-bed weeks for a week in a 3-bed at Marriott Marbella Beach Resort, which was cracking.

Personally I don't think these offers add up to much unless you use them as a way in to Seasons. We've paid out a fair whack to Seasons but we've also made the most of it and got a lot out. The old adage holds: you get back what you put in. Basically if you don't pay much in the first place don't be surprised if it's not all it's cracked up to be.

All in all I think Seasons are a good company, I've certainly got nothing bad to say about them despite the amount of money I've given them (yes given, not hoodwinked!)



Originally posted by paulh

does the banking system work differently for members who have purchased via resale? can you use the affiliated resorts?

the portugal property is advertised in next years cosmos book. has anyone been this year?

Hi. I have been to the portugal Alpinus in November. I won the membership and paid my £300 and had the presentation. Lovely accommodation but jealous of the resort I veiwed from my balcony. Kept being told I could stay there if I was a full member. The facilities at Alpinus were poor for a 4* hotel with no gym or indoor pool or even a comfortable bar.
I have asked the same ? about the banking system as saw a red week for £600 , a mere £9000+ less. But will I have access to unlimited short breaks? It sounds to me my "win" membership might allow me access to off peak periods?



I too have been to Alpinus but thought it was a pretty good resort with the only down side being the lack of an indoor pool, although this is not that rare in the warmer countries. Thought the bar was comfortable, maybe not great but certainly adequate.

I'm confused by your comment about the resort you viewed from your balcony. As I remember it, Alpinus is all one resort i.e. one building and the only other resort I could see was Pine Cliffs, which is not in the Interval International system and hence is not available. I'm not aware of another resort in the area that is available to Seasons or Interval members so I'd be interested to know which resort you are referring to.

As I've said before the best way to get answers about specific issues is to speak to Seasons direct.



I am another newbie who has just found this site. Fantastic amount of knowledge on here.

Anyway,  am another "winner" of a ClubSeasons membership valued at £3750, and all I have to pay until March 1st 2008 is a reduced maintenance fee of £252.75.  To be honest that seems like a good deal to me for a weeks holiday (we would probably go in the UK) during the school holidays. I know we would find difficulty booking school holidays even though for the first three years we can apparenrtly book ANY weeks.

My questions are - after the first holiday can I cancel and therefore not have to pay any further maintenance fees?

If I continue for the three years and they cannot get me in anywhere during the August holidays, what happens?

When we do go - will will be subject to hard sell to get us to upgrade? This is what put me off Sunterra big-time.

Thanks for any advice!



Your first two questions can only really be answered by Seasons themselves but my guess would be if you don't pay another maintenance fee you won't be a member any more and therefore everything is cancelled. Secondly I don't think anything will happen if you don;t get an August holiday in the three years as everything is subject to availability - i.e. if you will only holiday in August and nothing is available you will proably go without and your annual maintenance fee will be wasted. However these questions will be subject to the agreement between yourselves and Seasons.

On the last point, yes you will be asked to upgrade each time you visit a resort, although I have never experienced the hard-sell from the staff that I have experienced elsewhere (Thurnham Hall comes to mind). Whenever we have said no for whatever reason, the staff have simply backed off. As far as I can tell, every 'timeshare' company does its own selling as that is ultimately how they make their money - Even the Marriotts resorts we have stayed at have tried to sell something to us. These days we only meet the reps at the Seasons resorts in order to find out the latest on all the other resorts. We tend to decline all the invites from reps when we stay at other resorts.

Hope this helps


Thanks for your help Neil, I have a little more to think about then I'll make the move.


Am I missing something here, I've never been able to figure out why I would pay thousands for a timeshare,whether it be a 1/52nd share of some apartment somewhere, or a promisary week of a holiday, usually where someone else chooses for me. Then boy oh boy they allow me to pay them hundreds of pounds every year for the rest of my and my childrens life, for maintainence, If I don't pay they take it back without giving me my thousands back.
Wake up for Pete's sake, you can rent these same apartments anywhere and any time you like for less than the "owners" are paying for maintainence.
If you own timeshare, all you own is the right to give someone else, much richer than you, hundreds of pounds every year for nothing, don't kid yourself you own a building or anything else



I think the point you are making is a valid one, but why are you making it in the Seasons area? Is this not a wider issue that should be discussed with all timeshare owners?
I do know that you can get some pretty good deals abroad to stay at some of the resorts in Interval International, but as far as I am aware, Alpinus is the only Seasons resort that you can book in to without being a member of Seasons.

hi to one and all i have been reading the mail and i and my wife have just won one of the clubseason internet prize draw to the value of £3750 so i was just wondring if it is worth the trouble or not can any one help.


What worries me most about the Clubseasons offer is that the Green period that you are obliged to use after the first year, really only covers a period of 7 or 8 weeks - parts of November/December and January (excluding Christmas and New Year weeks) - depending on the resort.  Now Seasons don't have that many resorts and those in Tenerife and the Lake District don't have any Green time at all.  So, I think that there may be a big problem with availability if you don't trade up.  If you need an August week, forget it completely.  they are all Peak Red and they are not only incredibly expensive if you are stupid enough to buy them from Seasons or somewhat rare if you want to get one resale.  If you only want Easter or Christmas, then an ordinary red week would be OK, and you can pick them resale quite cheaply (less than 1,000 pounds for a two bedroom unit, if you look carefully enough). Don't forget that you`ll pay the same maintenance fees for an August Peak Red week as a January Green one and there's not that much difference in fees between the different sizes of accommodation. Always remember with the Clubseasons offer that it is for a sleep-4 unit.  This means a bedroom for two people and a sofa bed in the lounge.  Believe me, nobody wants to spend a week's holiday on a sofa bed. Frankly, I'd give their offer a miss.  The 3750 pounds "value" is rubbish.

Originally posted by brac123

hi to one and all i have been reading the mail and i and my wife have just won one of the clubseason internet prize draw to the value of £3750 so i was just wondring if it is worth the trouble or not can any one help.

[8D]Hi, I "won" one of those too. My husband was understandably sceptical. But as maintenance fee was halved to £160 and we would get a short UK break as well as a week's holiday, I thought we could not lose to try it out.

First- About our breaks:
First visit was at Whitbarrow Park, Lake District - in December! Fortunately when we were there, the weather was beautiful. (It had been horrid the weeks before). Pool was draughty and freezing. I believe it has since been rennovated. Bar and restaurant was okay. Accommodation was very spacious and comfortable.

We have not long returned from our week at the Alpinus in Portugal. We had a two-bed sleep 6, so it was very comfortable. It was really an aparthotel with (almost) daily maid services, kitchen, lounge and two bathrooms. There's a restaurant and a pool bar. The pool is small - picture is deeptive, but adequate for cooling off between sunbathing sessions. There are nightly entertainments. We went for a couple of them and they were quite good. The local Falesia beach (about 10 mins stroll) is very nice. You do have to climb down some 80 or so steps but well worth it. Out kids enjoyed themselves very much. There is also a square near the beach with some shops and restaurant. We ate several times at one particular cafe as their seafood was so fresh and tasty. On our last night, coming home at about 8.30pm from the beach, we stumbled on a barbeque buffet at this same cafe. Apparently it is a weekly event where a lot of the local Portuguese family come, eat and dance. It was lovely.

At £160 (subsidised maintenance fee for this one year), it has been for us a tremendously cheap holiday.

Second - About the timeshare itself

At Whitbarrow, we were "invited" to attend one of their talks. We went in not intending to purchase and came out with our signed contract, for about £10K! To thank us, they gave us a free dinner and bottle of wine at their restaurant.

Sanity returned when we got back home. £10K is a huge amount of money and I was not certain it was a good move on our part at all. On reading the contract (it comes under UK law), I found that I could cancel without any penalties. I had also had time to do some research and found that I could get 2weeks Peak Red for £6K on the resale market. This £10K would only have got me 1 week Red. More on this later. Anyway, I sent a letter to cancel - no problems there.

At the Apinus in Portugal, we again had to attend one of their sessions. I told them what I had done, but they were still very keen to sell offering me from:

a) (effectively) no payments to make for the next 2 years to upgrade to Red membership - I would still have £10K or so to pay at the end of this two years. I thought about it, then said no.

b) Then they offered me the orange or yellow membership at half the price. I told them I could get a resale at £3K

c) Finally made me an offer of £3500, nothing to pay for 2 years with upgrade price fixed for 4 years.

I have signed for this last offer - mainly because I wanted to have time to think and do my own research away from Seasons.

I have till Friday to cancel. I am not sure whether this is good for me or not. I very much suspect the latter. I found this website which seems to give impartial advice:

I think if you are flexible and can 'play the system' then you can get a very good deal out of this. But for my own personal circumstance, I am very doubtful that this is a good move.

If you read this far (!), I would say go and have a good quality but cheap holiday for this one year - just be prepared to spend some time listening to the Seasons sale pitch and be prepared to say no. Remember, even if you do sign, you can cancel within 14 days (actual date will be on the reverse of the contract.)

By the by, the reason I have not snapped up the Peak Red Re-sale week is because Seasons have wised up to this resale market. If you buy a resale week, they do not accord you the same benefits as those who buy direct from them. I believe you do not get access to any new resorts they develop and you no longer have a floating week.

Hope this helps


Look... Seasons isn't the only timeshare resort operator in the world and it certainly isn't rated one of the best.  Why not buy an early August, fixed-week, two-bedroom unit at, say, an Interval International or RCI-affiliated resort (preferably in the UK, as it will have a higher exchange value, although it's worth checking the maintenance fees before you buy) - there's at least one on offer on eBay at the moment for 1,250 pounds.  If you want to go somewhere else, exchange it through II or RCI - you'd probably have no trouble at all in getting a week at a Sunterra or Seasons resort - you might even get into Marriott's. If you were less fussy or more flexible about where you want to go, Dial an Exchange would give you two weeks or exchange for it. At least you've got your options open.

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