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Owners Group
« on: August 31, 2006, 22:42:09 »
Okay, let's start an official owner's group.

If you want to have a say about the resort then it's time to stand up and be counted.

Send an email to the following address, and I will collate the list and keep you advised of how many people are on it.

This will give us a starting point in terms of numbers.  

I will then discuss with the bossman here to see if we can get a distribution email address setup for people who are interested in being part of the owners group.  

That way we will have an immediate email address we can use to let all people on the owners group know any information they need to know.

Does it sound like the start of a plan.

Send an email with subject owners group to the address below.

Email   rcc@timesharetalk.co.uk [nofollow]



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Owners Group
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2007, 18:24:54 »
Delighted to join you Jason.  I'll move my comments from Resort updates


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Owners Group
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2007, 18:57:33 »
My reason for joining an owners group is five + years of frustration trying to find someone a, who will give a straight and honest answer to my questions  b, who will respond to phone calls or emails, c, who will not try to fob me off with false promises on the basis that they are unaccountable or will shortly be leaving the organisation.

I have been trying since the beginning of August to arrange to see someone from RCC who is accountable during a forthcoming visit to Tenerife - (Not to the Country Club as the Owner Officer Mike Pattison never replied to my phone calls or emails!!)  I have been singularly unsuccessful in making any contact with a member of the resort management or Directorate despite the best efforts of Marianka at reception.  RRG also appears to be of little substance in effecting any response

It is apparent that the management of the Country Club appear to not have the courage to meet with their owners or to answer their questions.  The foundation of an owners group will, I hope give individuals support in matters such as this.


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Owners Group
« Reply #3 on: September 07, 2007, 14:13:36 »
Hello Bill,

Well I can understand your frustration, but the only thing I can say, is that your e-mail was forwarded to Mr. Gernon, and as I said, he will definitely answer you, as soon as he will be available. At the moment, I know for sure, he is out of the island, and obviously won´t answer you at least within next 5-7 days...
Meanwhile, you still can contact Mr. Pattison, or shorly put exact points you want to discuss to "info" address, and it will be addressed...

Regarding your comments about efforts to try to contact somebody, I think it´s kind of bad luck, as majority of owners who are onsite, and wanted to discuss something, always had this opportunity, which Jason himself probably can confirm.


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Owners Group
« Reply #4 on: September 07, 2007, 14:37:26 »
I have already hit a snag, for you talk about ownwers, which I presume you mean those people that are owners at one or more sites. But tehnically speaking, those with points are also owners, as they have votes in the owning company. Or are you going to leave out the poor (well you are when you've paid exhorbitant prices for points) points owners.

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Owners Group
« Reply #5 on: September 08, 2007, 09:47:07 »
[:0] ????????????????????????

What was it all about????????


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Owners Group
« Reply #6 on: March 04, 2009, 00:00:14 »
By³em, dwa tygodnie (czerwiec 2008) w klubie Neptuno (mie¶ci siê powy¿ej Regency
Club ale to ta sama firma). Skorzysta³em z okazji zakupu timeshare w Regency
Club, podpisa³em umowê na 14500euro w pokoju dla dwóch osób. Niby wszystko ok,
ale po powrocie do Londynu tknelo, mnie, czy nie przeplacilem. Zacz±³em szperaæ,
trafilem na ALCo, napisalem maila, oddzwonili, skoñczy³o siê, ze kupilem sobie
timeshare w lepszym klubie, konkretnie Miraflores Beach and Country Club, w
partamencie dla UWAGA 6 OSOB, ZA kwotê 4700euro. W sumie poczu³em, ¿e jestem do
przodu. Bylem w lutym w tym klubie, jest on w Hiszpanii, co prawda cieplo to
nie by³o tam w lutymm, ale standard po prostu git. Dwa razy lepiej ni¿ w
Regency, to co najmniej. Ludzie, jak to jest, ¿e jedni sprzedaja co¶ gorszego
dro¿ej a drudzy cos lepszego taniej? Swiat powariowa³ chyba z chciwo¶ci. Co do
Alco, to polecê ka¿demu tê firmê, jak ktos ma problem z timeshaere to mo¿e tam
i¶æ jak w dym. Podaje stronê: www.alco.tm.pl Pro¶cie najlepiej pana Przemka,
ludzki czlowiek, szefow (Panowie Lipinscy) siê doswiadcza dopiero jak jest sprawa zalatwiona, ale w
sumie to rozumiem. Jakby ktos chcial to niech pisze do mnie bezposrednio na
Wiem dluga nazwa, ale mnie sie podoba.

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Owners Group
« Reply #7 on: March 04, 2009, 07:24:16 »
right then folks - can anybody translate from Polish to English?

This is the result I got from an online translator:

In order to & # 179; em, fortnight in club ( june 2008 ) ( ¶ it silicium & # 234 Neptuno mie; & # 191 powy; cheapen club ej Regency but it same firm ). It will use & # 179; from opening of shopping in (to) club em timeshare Regency, & # 179 podpisa; & # 234 em umow; on 14500 in chamber (peace) for two persons -euro. Everything ok, but after return to london tknelo, , if (or) not przeplacilem. ± & # 179 Zacz; It browses & # 230 em; on trafilem ALCo, mail napisalem, they have called back, & # 241 sko; if (or) & # 179; about silicium & # 234; from (with) in better club kupilem timeshare, concretely club Miraflores Beach and Country, in (to) for NOTE 6 partamencie OSOB, TOO amounts & # 234; 4700 -euro. In amount & # 179 poczu; em, & # 191; I am forward e. So as in february in this club, he (it) is in spain, that it truth not & # 179 cieplo; there about in (to) lutymm, but standard simply git. Twice better & # 191 ni; in (to) Regency, at least it. People (people), as there is, & # 191; one that ¶ worse (bad) & # 191 e sprzedaja dro; ej cheapen it second (other) but better cos? & # 179 Swiat powariowa; Probably, with (from) rapaciously ¶ it. That for Alco, fall it & # 234; & # 191 ka; & # 234 demu t; firms & # 234; as it has problem with (from) & # 191 ktos timeshaere mo; there e and ¶ & # 230; as to smoke (smoke). It serves part & # 234; mr. Przemka pro ¶ best www.alco.tm.pl cie, human czlowiek, mr. Lipinscy ( ) silicium & # 234 szefow; only doswiadcza as case is zalatwiona, but I understand it in amount. As if let's it for I on write know name ktos chcial bezposrednio equspolonussum(at)yahoo.pl dluga, but it pleases me sie.
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