Marriott in Mallorca

Started by neil1702, September 28, 2006, 08:35:55

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Has anyone here visited this resort and if so what can they say about it?
I'm really interested in how far it is to the beach and what are the local amenities that are within walking distance.
Can anyone help



Great resort - especially if you like golf. Set about 5 miles inland and set in a huge plot of land that includes two full 18 hole golf courses. Of all the european Marriotts i think this is the best. There is a town called Luccamajor about 3 miles away with a few bars and a supermarket, the nearest beach is 5 miles but there is a much better one about 7 miles - so you really do need a car.


Thanks for that.
Exactly what I suspected. Being a family of five (seven if my wife's parents join us) the cost of hiring a big enough car for all of us or two smaller ones, really puts the holiday cost up.
It's why we liked Marbella Beach Resort so much, as everything was within walking distance.

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