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Started by neil1702, September 29, 2006, 10:23:37

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How many of you Seasons members have visited the affiliated resorts?

I have heard a few very promising reports, but not a great many.

My own experience was rather disappointing. My wife and I went to the Domican Republic and found ourselves in a resort that mixed timeshare and package holidays. When we got home we added up our costs, including the maintenance fee for the week we used, and found that for about £20 more we could have gone on a package deal for two weeks! Not quite what we were expecting for our money.
Not wanting to be snobby (but probably being exactly that) the people staying there were not quite what I expected - beer swilling, cigarette smoking, covered in tattoos and that was just the women [:0]
We had a nice relaxing week but just felt it didn't live up to our expectations - perhaps we've been spoilt.

It will probably be a while until we go to another affiliated resort, but this is mainly due to their location as we will not be taking our three young children on long haul. Might try the Italian one that's not in the mountains though.

Anyone got anything else to share?


We spent two weeks at the Scottsdale Camelback resort in Phoenix three years ago. The accomodation was certainly up to Seasons standards apart from the kitchen which was adequate but no more. However, the restaurant on site was OK and reasonably priced, and there was no lack of places to eat in Scottsdale.

The people we saw covered a good range, from "elderly" to teenage, mostly American and British, and generally friendly. Not a tattoo in site.

The resort management did an excellent job in helping us to find our way around and recommending places to see, including a delightful morning riding on the edge of the desert.

This may not be of direct interest as it involves long haul, but we thought exchanging with an affiliated resort was £80 well spent.


I thought exchanges to affiliated resorts were cheaper than that!
It was only £20 when we went.
It's now free but I can't remember if that's for everyone or just elite members.


As far as I know it's free for Elite members and £20 for other members

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