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Started by GARYLANE, October 05, 2006, 15:09:00

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Hello STEVEWENDY.  Be careful. No timeshare company will buy back at the rate you bought,most will not buy back, nor accept it for free. The fees for 2010 for a one bedroom flat at Matchroom is £547:00.
I suggest that you look at the secondhand market. Aberfoyle Holidays in Scotland are highly recommended. ( I am not connected with them )
Hope this is helpful.  Ntshe.


hi stevewendy,   i am still selling my week at matchroom country club if your interested. E mail me if you want to discuss this. I am not looking for high price just very reasonable price.


hi i was also told they would resell mine at no less than what  paid and when i requested they sell for me they told me they were not taking on any resales

interestingly how much were they selling for


Spent a day being dragged around their various resorts in the area, started at 10:00 and get back to the pool for 16:00. With no food or drink being offered other than 1 cup of coffee! (Classic disorientation & dehydration torture techniques)

Matchroom looked to be the best but miles from anywhere, the pool bar closed at 17:00??? and you have to watch out for the odd stray golf ball.

They claimed that not only would they sell the week for the price we paid if we found it didn't suit us but that under their Club rules they were obliged to sell resales first. (odd they didn't put that in writing)


how much were they wanting you to pay
i just emailed them to book my week and to have another week added as i was told i could have as many extra weeks as i wanted as well as my family and pay no more than £85 per week so you can imagine i was a bit gobsmacked when the email came back saying i would have to pay £900 yes £900 per week i sent it back asking if she had made a typing error

Ruth Johnson

I didn't know this existed until today, and if you want any advice about Matchroom Country Club, I'm your woman!  For the past 15 years I have been on the Committee of the Resort and was voted off last June 2009 when Heritage Resorts decided they owned 1700 weeks and wanted a member of their management team on the members Committee.  This means there are now three management people, and two members, which I and others, including a lawyer felt was against the Constitution.  Despite it being decided at the AGM I should still stand until we had outside legal advice, this was ignored and their legal people wrote to say Nick Pratt's election stood and I was no longer a Committee Member.  My fear here is with Management balanced 3 to 2 MCC members they have the majority to push through anything in the future a situation I wished to avoid for Matchroom members with their fixed weeks and apartments.   However, I still love my bit of paradise on earth, and will be out there from 5th June for a week if anyone wants to say 'hello'.  There are, and never have been buy-backs, or re-sales for weeks owned. If you are thinking of buying you will get weeks far cheaper from owners who wish to sell and its the best Resort out of many across the world I've been to. The service on site is excellent, the grounds, pool etc. are beautiful and the resort is very friendly, no beds in rows!!!

Ruth Johnson

I've just viewed a couple more posts and would say it is rare to have a golf ball these days, they've moved the troublesome tee, or where the the golfers tee from!! There are three pools. None of which close, but it is suggested no swimming after 9.00 pm, but as long as people aren't noisy no-one minds.

With regard to extra weeks and prices, Heritage Resort members which aren't the fixed week owners of Matchroom do find their maintenance fees are considerably dearer and renting would reflect that.  However I own three weeks 22,23,24 in Apt.25 and happy to rent out one or two of these weeks each year for the Heritage Resort maintenance fee for a two-bed, two-bath apartment. Email me.


hi ruth
i dont have a fixed week i have super red so i can go anytime
i paid 17,500 for 1 week i dont know yrt how much the service charge is as i got that included for this year so wont know until january how much it will be
they did tell me i could book as many extra weeks for me and any family member and pay no more than 85 per week so im not sure where they get 900 from
i was also told they would resell for me at no less that the price i paid to be told now they are not doing resales due to having new stock
interseting reading also on trip advisor peoples observations on the development
im using my free week so am going to pay them a visit not that it will make much differance but at least i can get of my chest


I have a floating week at  the Heritage Marbesa Club for their RED period. No longer suits our lifestyle. Anyone interested??


how much are this years fees for a 1 bed anyone


urbanlet wanted a figure for this year's management fees for a 1 be. My fees at Marbesa were 485.23 or 533.75 Euros. Hope this helps.


thanks for that info Ran
have you managed to off load yet
have you had it long
i have had such bad experiences im going over next month to see what they have to say about the wrong ifo they gave me might make for an interesting time


How did it go? What waffle did they come out with?


I have 2 consecutive FIXED weeks @ Heritage Resorts Marbesa Club, weeks 31 & 32, I am looking to sell @ prices far, far below what Heritage are pushing for on floating weeks.

The property is detached 2 bed villa (sleeps 6), with own private pool, gardens etc etc & I do hold the Escatura for the weeks.

I have used the property for too many years to remember, but unfortunately personal circumstances are forcing me to sell.

If you are interested, ping me an email, I have loads of photos.

I must be honest I prefer fixed weeks, I know the exact dates each year, I know the exact property I am going to, I believe the annual Mtce. fees are below those for same weeks if you had floating weeks`.



Martyn Brown

I have had a red week on a 2 bed villa at Mi Jardin for around 20 years but due to heath etc have not been able to use it for a number of years and am really unlikely to be able to in the future.

I have read that in US you can donate your timeshare to charity but not certain if this is possible in UK.

Anyone have any good ways to give this away before the mainteance fees come around.


I have had a red week on a 2 bed villa at Mi Jardin for around 20 years but due to heath etc have not been able to use it for a number of years and am really unlikely to be able to in the future.

I have read that in US you can donate your timeshare to charity but not certain if this is possible in UK.

Anyone have any good ways to give this away before the mainteance fees come around.

Re Martyn Browns comments at 16.44.25 16/11/2010, may I point out to you the following;

Failure to comply with the Timeshare Act, Spain Ley 42/1998 is a breach of Spanish Law and can only be dealt with in the Courts of Spain.

If a Company fails to comply with the above act, then the company may no longer have a legal binding contract with you the purchaser.

In a great number of cases, by failing to comply with the above Act, then the purchaser is entitled to have all Fees paid from the year 1998 returned to them.

As per the link at;



Heritage.I own platinum floating, red 2 bed 2 bath.2 X Gold Crown Playa Real and Matchroom.I am moving to Spain permanant next year and am willing to give away for free!! Maintance for this for 2011 is £684.

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