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« on: October 16, 2006, 21:18:25 »
Recently visited RCC whilst staying in Tenerife.  We bought at RCC in 2000 needless to say we have not yet stayed at RCC.  We were initially promised an update on progress and 'new developments'  when we attended this in turn was RCC trying to sell us another week so that we could join ICE and registry (to qualify for this you need to own three weeks timeshare as we only own two we would have to have bought another week).

We were given a tour of the resort pool now complete and generally looks good.  Restaurant only open a few evenings a week using outside catering.  Building work has been stopped to resume again in November.  We were told that RCC are going to produce a newletter for owners and on the day we visited there was a photographic shoot taking place for this purpose.  We were able to vent our concerns about the lack of information coming out of RCC we were told that this would change