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Started by heather, November 25, 2006, 21:24:17

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In response to a request from Jackiee in the Resort Questions forum, I decided to find out how many units are at Club Vacances Port Royal in Quebec city, Canada. My old 2005-05 'Disclosure Guide' made no mention of it so I decided to download the 2006-07 version. I still did not find the property about which Jackiee is seeking information but was astounded by the discrepancy in fees paid by those of us in a wide variety of countries around the world. My previous guide did not reveal this. I also could find no mention of Canadian fees but maybe I just missed it in all of the scrolling required to glean any info.

The US fees are listed on page 4 while the International fees are on pages 21-23. To get to the disclosure guide: http://www.rci.com/GPN2/CDA/Functional/Navigation/GPN2_index?layout=GPN2_layout&body=GPN2_Disclosure&OCWeeks=true&blankPrivacy=Y

Also, can anyone define for me the following:

-Subscription Liability fee
-Affiliation fee
-Renewal fee
-Annual membership fee

If I knew the difference between them, I might be better able to tell if those members living in Continental Europe are really being charged at least double and maybe 4 x the fees charged in the US.

And this is not a protest against RCI fees or the raising thereof. Many of the guides to whom I often speak in New Brunswick, Canada say that they have stayed with the company for many years because of the excellent salary, benefits, and office morale. This experience can only help us and I am content to contribute to it. But the disclosure guide opened my eyes a bit to one of the reasons members in North America generally seem happier than those abroad.

Any thoughts out there?




Regrettably the difference in fees comes as no great surprise.  The general practice of US based companies seems to be simply to replace the $ sign with a £ sign when selling the same item in the UK.  There may be some justification for price differences where transport costs are involved, but I have never understood the justification for services or things like software and music downloads.

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