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Started by Arim, December 17, 2006, 20:53:06

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I have been trying to book a particular March week in Gran Canaria through RCI for ages with no luck. I looking for an extra week around one that has already been confirmed. Two of my stronger weeks are engaged in this ongoing search and with one loose deposit I can make free enquiries. The results are nothing available or resorts that are not so good choices. This is not a very good deposit, a GC week in Gran Canaria anyhow. It gives 32 one bed or bigger resorts in Tenerife at the same time.

Can somebody please make a trade test for me to show what you can pull in Gran Canaria in March 2006?



I have just done a search online with RCI Points and nothing came up.  It showed the 1st and 2nd of April in 1 bedroom units at Puerto Anfi and Club Tisaya Golf.  I looked up Easter in case it was early next year but it's not.  I think Good Friday is 6th April so that's not the problem.

Have you phoned RCI?  It's often the case that you get something by speaking to a rep rather than on the web site.

Good luck.........

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