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Started by bluebird 1968, December 28, 2006, 17:03:43

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bluebird 1968

we have been trying to buy flights to gran canaria, but the prices seem pretty high at the moment. i flew with xl last year for £159 for week 39 , does anybody have a ideas on the cheapest and best airlines or related sites, also looking for flights in april again gran canaria, living near bristol so looking to travel to birmingham,gatwick cardiff, bristol so anything within 2.30hrs from home



Are you going to Anfi ?

There is an afternoon flight on BA from Gatwick every day. Prices can be cheap depending on when you book.

Go to the BA website and search there.

We also have used Iberia from Heathrow. You have to change in Madrid or Barcelona but prices can be less that £100
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bluebird 1968

hi cotswolder, keith,
tried and to my surprise they worked out the cheapest,
until a day later when i looked a bit deeper and found that thomson had a promo offer of £7.02 so i`ve booked 1 way with that and a return with thomas cook 2flights for 2 people for £2oo so pretty pleased with those prices just have to keep looking for wk39 october flights. yes we will be staying at anfi for the different weeks, total relaxation and rest, can`t wait

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