Are Petchey the biggest rip-off or are there any b

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Are Petchey the biggest rip-off or are there any b
« on: December 28, 2006, 22:04:43 »
From my experience with Petchey I would avoid them like a man with every type of infectious disease known to mankind!!!

I was originally duped into buying a studio apartment at Club Praia da Oura. I was told it was the best I could get as it was a Red floating week and thus would be able to exchange it for any apartment anywhere in the RCI scheme and they would snap my hand off for the exchange.

So far we have managed to get only 1 exchange to where we wanted to go in the 5 years that we have owned it.

I have tried to sell it but they are not interested and say I need to fill in their online resale form.

HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR WEB SITE!!! not only is it the worst site on the internet, when you do get to the forms, you spend time filling them in to only find out that they don't work when you hit the next button.

Now I come to think of it that about summs up the whole companies attitude.

They aer rip off agents....... DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!!!!!!!!!

I have been duped and lost over £5000 so far.

ps if anyone wants to buy my timeshare post back to let me know. If you want it then you must be even more stupid than me!!!!!!!!!