Scam Warning To All Timeshare Talk Users

Started by , February 15, 2004, 12:35:56

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Hi All

I thought I would warn you of one of the latest Timeshare related scams doing the rounds at the moment. As most users of this site seem to be timeshare/trial pack owners this really does apply to you. The reason being is that somehow rouge operators have acquired your contact details. Its most probably an ex staff member of the company that you own your timeshare with, has printed or hacked the database that you are on and has sold this on to dodgy companies.

You may get a phone call offering you 1 or more weeks for a fixed price, which can range from £99 to £500. Although 1 week for £99 is quite reasonable, there is a requirement for you to attend a presentation if you ever get the holiday you bought. And that is a big if.

Any company that calls you and asks for an upfront fee, no matter how good the offer sounds, you should never give your card details or make any payments to such companies.

In this case all that these companies are offering you is a Flyby. This is a timeshare inspection visit. They get the accommodation free from companies like Sunterra and sell it on to you.

It is very easy to get such flyby holidays completely free yourselves with no up front fees. Providing of course that you are prepared to attend a presentation. If you want pointing in the right direction as far as that is concerned just ask me and ill be happy to help.

The best bit of advise is never ever pay up front for a service and if in doubt come onto this forum and ask the other users what they think before parting with any cash.

Another bit of good advice, which will help you differentiate between the half decent guys from the bad, is to register your home phone number with the TPS. (Telephone Preference Service). Every company is legally obligated to cleanse their database's to ensure that any numbers registered with TPS are not contacted. If you are contacted, once you are registered (It is free and very simple to do so here: then there is a very high chance indeed that the company ringing you is dodgy. If you state "Are registered with TPS so why are you ringing"? The only response they will have is "I don't know what TPS is" or "we are based in Spain so are not covered" or whatever response only warrants one response from you and that is to hang up.

All of these dodgy companies do not take data protection seriously.



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