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Started by , February 15, 2004, 12:35:56

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Just when I thought I had recovered sufficiently from Resorts Properties inviting me to enjoy the benefits of a week-long stay at either the HM,BHH and BHC, along comes another "outfit" claiming to be another holiday consultancy firm and calluing themselves MEDSUN.
Did a Google search under "MEDSUN" and quite a few sites relating to Malta and Med holiday companies-looked further and found a post on Holiday Truths-only one posting however and from a couple of years back.
Apparently - people booked into a hotel which was subsequently reported as being closed for a re-fit and if by miracle suddenly re-opened.But in the meantime-the luckless victims had already booked flights and then forced to cancel and needless to say, deposits for the holiday took a long time to reclaim. Couldn't find any mention under the blacklist on the unmentionable website, but it could be that Medsun is owned bt Terranove Holiday Promotions (on this forum's 'rogues' list!) When asked how they got hold of my details - the usual
"must have completed a survey" and the hotels they are offering me are the ones already well chronicled eg Island Village and Royal Gardens.
Their story line reads - I can have a week with the special offer of a cup of coffee giving my honest opinion of the hotel and what it offers!Wow - pity they can't post me a survey and I'll tell them all they need to know. Still at least as part of the £99 booking fee-they've promised a transfer back to the airport-STILL once I've told them I won't be buying into their "scheme,whatever" even the offer of the courtesy transport might also disappear. Guess I'll pass on this latest 'scam'. Did ask, however, if payment had to be made at the time of call. "That would be nice" - the reply.Guess she'll have to wait a bit longer still!
Thank heavens for this and other forums helping us to sleep easy at night!

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