Anyone wanna help make a YouTube HC warning?

Started by , February 15, 2004, 12:35:56

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Hi guys, just thought Id mention an idea I had... I'm a video editor and animator, but Ive also been fleeced by a holiday club to the tune of nearly £1,000, and I'm sick to death that they can just get away with it.  I want to fight back somehow.  I'm a great believer in the power of YouTube to get content in front of a wide audience, so I was thinking of putting together a short video, warning people about holiday clubs and providing an animated reconstruction of my own, or other peoples, experiences with them, and just how easy it is to get sucked in.  With the Summer fast approaching, I think its urgent to get a message like this out to as many people as possible.  What do you think?  Would anyone like to be involved?  I wouldnt mind a few people to provide voiceovers, soundbytes, or a short case study of what happened to you, how much you were fleeced for etc..  anyone?

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