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Started by Boss Man, May 26, 2007, 09:59:47

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Boss Man

The first batch of site cards are in. Anyone wanting a set please PM me a postal address.

Standard issue will be 50 cards, if you want more, let me know.

Boss Man

Boss Man

Anyone need a top up ?

I have lots of cards here sitting waiting to go on holiday with someone to be distributed out to friends / neighbours / fellow Timeshare owners.


Hi Boss

I thought I'd brought enough, but have run out with a week still to go...!

I doubt you can get any out to me in Tenerife, but a batch waiting for me at home would be appreciated.

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Boss Man

Will do, but next time, never underestimate how many you can give/put out. Last year when I was around, I was doing around 50 per day.

You could always print some off there or the poster

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