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Started by Boss Man, May 26, 2007, 13:55:55

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Boss Man

Please take a look at -

Comments please so I can get this printed. It will be an A5 full colour.

Boss Man


All looks good to me Paul, apart from line 10 where the word largest is at present reading as large st [;)]


Looks really good otherwise as Jeff said in line 10

Boss Man

Strange, I looked at the original in MS Word and it's fine. Must have been the PDF exporter that did it.

Well spotted though.

Have replaced with new one.


Looks great.  I wish I knew somewhere I could put one.


If the introductory paragraph was 'toned down' somewhat it might be possible to get the resorts to agree to have them displayed.  The 'Holiday from Hell' bit might dissuade them from doing that.   [:D]
I'm not suggesting removing the requests for adverse comments just some rewording.

Boss Man

OK Keith, any suggestions ?


I'll give it a bit of thought.  Hopefully others will have a go too.  [:D]

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