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Started by , February 15, 2004, 12:35:56

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Done the presentation, signed up for the trial membership as it seemed a good deal. Went to Tenerife Monterey Royale on the  Prelude holiday you get as part of the deal and sat through the hard sell. We seriously looked at upgrading to the full membership as they offered us a good deal. [}:)]
We signed up and were told that upon siging the monies paid for the trial membership were taken care of and amalgamated into the new deal. GREAT !! or so we thought. [}:)]
When we arrived home we looked at our finances and thought NAH !! its too much so we decided to cancel as we were within our 14 days cooling off period. We sent a letter to CLC and GE money and received confirmation that the deal had been cancelled. FANTASTIC !!  Nope Not A Chance.

What they failed to tell us is that you are tied in to the trial 3 year membership and there is no get out so the new financial agreement just reverted back to the original one which we no longer wanted.          
We were misinformed and are now in debt for £3k although we have the trial membership to use.

I got alternative finance at 5% instead of the 19% that GE Money charge and tried to pay of the loan in the way described by CLC finance woman in tenerife. Pay enough off the loan leaving one months payment to be paid then the loan matures naturally and you dont pay the hefty settlement fees.
Well its taken me since Jan 07 to sort the whole thing out due to the incompitence of GE Money and the CLC information given. I contacted CLC who didnt want to know and the lady in tenerife should be given lessons in customer care. If she had spoken to me like that face to face she would be have been close to getting more than a verbal slapping.[B)]
I have since, due to perseverance, have had the GE Money Account closed after proving they were in the wrong.[:D]

I am taking my FREE HOLIDAY (£78 each "Free???) on 15th June in Malaga so i will keep you posted. Another presentation "I think not !"

Be warned people CLC "Con Loving Conners" & GE "Grossly extortionate" Money, know the game and dont play fair. [:o)]  

Regards Andie  [:)]

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