UK Severe weather warnings

Started by Newshound, July 23, 2007, 19:50:19

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Up to date warnings and information can be got from -

The severe flooding can best be appreciated from the air.
The Norman abbey in Tewkesbury, founded in 1087 and consecrated in 1121,
now stands alone against the advancing flood water.

Road to nowhere. Though the motorways are now open, many other routes remain blocked.

The M5 is open, despite being surrounded by floodwaters.

Usually confined to the river, these swans paddle past the Northwick Hotel in Evesham, Worcestershire.

Worcester race course is underwater, and up to 4,000 residents are coping without water after a
treatment works near the town was hit by the flooding.


thankyou for the pics i feel v sorry for all folks who are caught up in the floods  my one hope is some holiday club scammer has lost a lot also in the floods


I just wonder if the world will be coming to our aid and sending us relief supplies and personnel to help in the clean up.

Can we expect major relief to come from these countries in the order typed?
Russia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, France, Germany.

Popular we `aint.
And Blair`s  gone over there as a peace envoy?????

When are we going to get real?


I live in Gloucester and it certainly ain't a barrel of laughs at the moment.  We didn't lose electricity at any time, but the taps went dry on Monday morning.  The authorities were very quick in getting water bowsers in place.  The biggest problem is the kids who think it's fun to turn the taps on and let all the water run away.
There have also been complaints about the distribution of bottled drinking water.  The news tonight showed families, seemingly predominantly of one ethnic grouping, taking away trolley loads of water from the free supplies and loading them into vans.  A friend of ours had a caller earlier today offering her drinking water at £5 for 5 litres.  I wonder where that water came from?
It took my wife 4 1/4 hours to get home on Friday afternoon.  She only had to travel 10 miles.  A friend who lives outside Gloucester took over 8 hours and had to abandon their car about 6 miles from home and walk because the water was too deep to drive through.  Fortunately they were picked up by a Land Rover driver and taken home.


My heart goes out to everyone involved in the floods.  It must be everyones' worst nightmare.


hear that flooded areas are still classed as critical hope that things improve for u all it must be a nightmare to have no fresh water we all take turning on a tap so much for granted these days. lets hope better emergancy procedures get setup in the near future.


In fairness to the emergency services, I think they are doing an incredible job in the circumstances.  The water tanks appeared on the day we lost water, as did the supplies of bottled drinking water.  It has taken time for processes to be introduced to stop stockpiling of water.  Indelible hand stamps are being used in some areas.
In one area of Gloucester though there have been complaints about 'people who run takeaways' arriving at the bowsers with dozens of containers and taking all the water.  There is also a story going round that one bowser was lifted onto a lorry and removed shortly after being filled up.  As I say, just a story at the moment.
Some people have also set up guard rotas on the bowsers because kids are vandalising them.  Personally feel that they should chuck the little ****s into the Severn and see how they like lots of water then. [:(!]


Latest to come out of Gold Control is that the constabulary will rigorously police offences related to the situation and the Courts will be very firm in dealing with such offences.

Boss Man

I hear that the death toll has now risen to 9. Very said as we really don't expect things like this to happen in our country.


I hope you're wrong.  Local news reports suggest 5 so far.  Father & son who died pumping out a cellar; premature twins delivered at 21 weeks and a 19 year old man.

Boss Man

"A man's body was found in a submerged field on Saturday in an area devastated by the worst floods in 60 years, bringing the death toll in a month of flooding to at least nine, police said."

Boss Man

On a lighter note, here's a picture of Jeff & Tom making the most of it ....


Originally posted by Timesharetalk

On a lighter note, here's a picture of Jeff & Tom making the most of it ....

The worst part of it is that HE caught something![:D]


You are likely to catch something considering the nature of the water quality!


Death toll attributable to floods - 5 - this discounts the incident of the tree surgeon who severed his arm instead of a branch and died whilst suspended up the tree.


The report does say a month of flooding so the death toll includes those in the floods 'Up North'.  It doesn't make the number any better, just explains the different figures.

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