how does one sell CLC points

Started by , August 14, 2007, 21:32:12

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Hi there.  I have read many of the comments posted here about CLC and must say that I agree wholeheartedly to the point that I am now looking to sell my CLC points.  Has anyone done this before?  Would appreciate any advice on agencies that will handle the sale or of any other strategies to make a resale possible.

many thanks for any help that can be provided


Hi Jennifer, welcome to the forum.

The first thing to remember is, do not touch any company who ask for any money up front.


Jenniferb, Have done the round yet again of sales pitch at Clc, I was told that if I were to buy "cheap" points I would not have some of the benefits of adding to my total, (do I detect possible lies) so this may be why they are cheap. Sound advice is given above, but do ask any reasonable resell Co how much you can expect, (rather like going to an estate agent) and check other resell co's.

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Hi Jennifer,
like you I want to sell my CLC points, have you had any joy?  I did get a phone call from a company asking to buy my points, for an amount that got me realy interested.  However they asled for money up fromt, which they said was fully refundable as long as I did not back out.  I asked them to send me an e-mail with all the details that he had said to me, and guess what, I never got one.  I'm still trying to sell mine for more that the cost of a postage stamp thats about what I've been offered so far! Hope you have some joy getting rid of them,


Girls!! try advertising them on the right string of this site, I am not sure if they will sell, but at least you will not get caught for expensive advertising!


hi boiler where is the right string on this site to advertise your points? sorry im new to this and cud do with some help to sell my points, any help would be gratefully appreciated.

many thanks

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