Anfi. Have I done the right thing?

Started by mgmick, September 28, 2007, 20:44:08

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Hi all, new member with a nagging doubt.
I've just agreed to pay Anfi £13,000 for the first week in November in the Beach Club 1 bedroom.

The place is great but I just need to know, have I made a Rolf Harris of myself? Oris that an ok price?

Boss Man


Sorry, but you have made an utter twit of yourself. You could buy the same on resale for a third of the price - could even get a 2 Bed.

Cancel with Anfi and buy from an OTE registered company in this country.

For example, Travel & Leisure have a Club Monte Anfi, 2 Bed, August Week (Prime Time !) for £5k or a week 25 at the beach club in a 1 bed for £2750.

If you want later in the year, Timeshare Hypermarket have week 45 in a 1 bed for £3k.

There you go, just saved you around £8k-£10k !


Thought that mate and no need for the apology. Thanks and will cancel tomorrow.


And please don't buy a week in November, as you'll never sell it (and one day you will want/need to do so) at any price. Those advertising with the resellers don't really have a hope in hell of ever getting rid of them.  Even if you are a big fan of winter holidays, buy a 2-bedroom week during the summer school holidays (weeks 30-35) or - exceptionally within the Canaries - Christmas or New Year weeks. If you can't/don't want to travel then, remember you can exchange a high-demand week for another at almost any resort, anywhere in the world at any time you like. One-bedroom, Canary Island, off-peak weeks are worthless as there's too many people trying to sell them and very few looking to buy. And check on the level of maintenance fees which, after you've bought the week, will be the year-on-year continuous cost to you, payable until you are able to dispose of it, regardless of whether you use it or not.  Remember that these fees will be more or less the same, regardless of whether your week is in peak time or the off season.

Take The Boss Man's advice and look for a good week through a reliable reseller.  Start the haggling at around a quarter of the asking price - never more than say 500 quid - and see what happens.


Thanks again more good advice, I can't believe I was so dense. (but obviously I was).

Boss Man


That is why they prey on us when we are on holiday because we are in "happy mode"


Originally posted by mgmick

Thanks again more good advice, I can't believe I was so dense. (but obviously I was).

Hi, I agree that you should cancel and buy resale. There are plenty about. have a look at the Anfi UK Members Group website at //

I disagree with Daviday about buying November weeks. They are sellable in the future as this is predominately Scandinavian time and there are many from that part of the world who want to buy in November.

If you want to talk more about Anfi please contact me via our website
My thoughts are my own. Please do not use them without my permission.



Just to update, cancelled the contract and got confirmation yesterday. Cost us 1000 euro's for the 5 nights we had there which I don't mind at all as it's a cracking resort and I'd have paid that to go anyway if I'd known about the place.  Thanks to all for the advice and we will be doing a bit more web trawling to sort out the best ways of going back.


I'ts pleasing to hear that you have cancelled the purchase, and that you cancelled without any apparent problems from the resort.  We hear all sorts of horror stories about stalling tactics in this kind of situation.
Timeshare is a great concept, but you have to buy at the right price to get the benefit and the developer isn't likely to sell at the right price. [:)]



If you are still interested in buying at Anfi then you can gewt a resale at less than half the Anfi cost.
Have a look at our website at //
My thoughts are my own. Please do not use them without my permission.


hi everyone,
i currently work for rci and service calls regarding the same queries you all have.if any of you (uk members)who get serviced by the london office have any questions id be more than happy to help!!!!



Top Gun

One thing to remember when buying a resale unit from whoever. And I know from talking to clients who have gone down this track thinking that they have bought a bargain, quite often the unit you buy could be next to a lift shaft with constant noise and people talking at all hours of the day and night or even worse next to the delivery bay with wagons arriving at all times or even the rubbish section of the resort. Location and view are to most people on holiday the most important thing . so buying a bargain might not end up such a good deal at the end of the day. always do your home work as sometimes it might be worth paying that little bit extra for peace of mind.


Yes, TopGun, you may have a point.

BUT there are also plenty of people who spend thousands of pounds at timeshare presentations and still end up with a unit by a lift, or over the busy bar, with no views, etc, etc.  The unit they have been shown at presentation is not the actual unit they have been given 'use rights' or 'ownership'!!!

It is quite easy these days to find out where a unit is located within a resort, especially with all the information that can be gleaned from the internet and forums such as this.

At presentations you are paying a lot more than 'a little bit extra'!!!!
Sue B

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