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Started by cbogan, September 10, 2007, 16:35:36

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Have deposited some weeks with RCI - my membership is due to be renewed in December 07.  Question is - if I want to retrieve my weeks, how do I go about it?  The reason I ask is that in the latest issue of "Holiday" there is no mention whatsoever of Weeks Members - just Points!!  Think the writing is on the wall!!!
Anyone able to advise?


The RCI website states that you can terminate your membership providing that your Holiday Ownership Rights (ie week) has not been assigned to anyone else nor received an exchange in respect of your deposit.

This seems to mean that if someone else has exchanged into your week (and/or you've made an exchange)  then you are stuck as a member until the use date passes otherwise I would have thought you can simply request for the week to be returned to you.


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