Anfi being naughty ? ?

Started by , February 15, 2004, 12:35:56

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Taken from another site. .

WARNING TO ANFI MEMBERS Two families are suing Anfi for illegally taking deposits during the cooling off period. If you are an Anfi member and you paid a deposit during the cooling off period of 14 days then please contact either Mike Haley at the OFT in the uk or Maria Peñacoba and register your complaint ? you will be entitled to twice the amount back you paid as this practice is totally illegal. If you get no reply from Maria Peñacoba then register your complaint with her superior in Brussels because Ms Peñacoba has been seen being wined and dined at Anfi so she?s not exactly ?independent? Also Alberto Garcia ? the ex head of security for Anfi ( now working for the OTE in Madrid) is being sued criminally in Germany by Anfis ex CEO Eugen Kaiser for the part he played in trying to ruin his business. Alberto Garcia is still receiving cash from Anfi for his help in covering up the fact that they are taking deposits illegally ? so make sure you report him too.-  Anfi member

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