Anfi Beach Purchasing Advice Needed

Started by RTV, December 04, 2007, 22:14:04

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I'm currently buying 2 x 1 bed weeks at Anfi Beach Club through a private sale/transfer.

The owner has sent me the membership certificates which are from "Continental Trustees Limited" and has a form of surrender and request for transfer on the back.  

My question is; are Contintental the offical trustees for Anfi and whats the process for transfering ownership.

One other question,  could someone please explain the process of doing an internal exchange and the banking of weeks proces.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Once you have signed the form of transfer you will be sent a second set of documents by Anfi for signature in front of a notory.

It will not be possible to do an internal exchange. This facility is only available to members of the Anfi Vacation Club. Purchasers of resale week cannot be members of the AVC.

I will contact you by e-mail again tomorrow regarding this
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