Blowing my trumpet

Started by Boss Man, October 22, 2007, 20:46:28

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Boss Man

I would like to give my trumpet a little blow as I have been going through the site statistics tonight and feel very proud.

This is a map of the site visitors from June to September 2007 -

The key and figures are based on page views per country

And this shows the number of page views from June to September 2007 -

That is an average of 932,256 page views per month.

Boss Man


Well done. Your hard work has paid off.

toot toot [:D]


How do you plan to increase your exposure in the lucrative Greenland market? [:D]

Boss Man

Mmmm, it does look at tad white doesn't it. I'm not sure if Greenlanders ?? own any timeshare.

An un-tapped market me thinks



Boss Man


Sorry. I didn't see the yellow shading.

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