RCI - Increasing fees again!!!

Started by Suebe, November 12, 2007, 20:35:44

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It would be interesting to compare the RCI fee increases for 2008 throughout the world, and how happy (or otherwise!!) people are with these increases.

As a timeshare owners in the UK, I could probably get a good holiday via the internet/travel agent for the price of the exchange fees, coupled with membership fees and added to annual maintenance fees on the timeshare weeks!!!  I know there are plenty of other owners who feel the same and are getting out of RCI because of this - even getting out of timeshare altogether.  [:(!]

What are other peoples' thoughts on this?

Sue B


Sue B


For me, the RCI Points system continues to offer fair value but mainly because I can generally convert my 3 summer weeks into at least 4 weeks holidays throughout the year - and usually get car hire thrown in as well.

For those who can't make the same deals I would agree that RCI's fees make exchanging through them more difficult to justify.

If RCI Points no longer works for me then I will make more effort to rent out units I don't need each year.


I too have seen a steady increase in fees and have been rather annoyed at the possibility that I am paying for the administration of programs for cruises, car rental, etc. However, when I told this to a guide, I was literally subjected to a rant about how these other programs, for which I did no ask, are subsidizing the exchange program. I had to make up an excuse to get off the phone. It was a very strange experience. Maybe there are notes on my file saying that I participate in a forum and he thought that he could communicate the party line through me.

On the other hand, as Canadians we belong to RCI North America but pay higher fees than Americans as the value of our $$ has been lower. Our $$ is now worth more and our fees just dropped considerably. I did not expect this and applaud RCI for having the sense to do this, before their Canadian members revolted. Also, I have always been denied the right to pay in US $$$ and the other day, was offered that option, which I happily accepted, thus saving a bit more.

pat 128

Timeshares are not easy to sell as i found out, The cost of RCI membership, exchange and mantanance now seems to be more than a good holiday for a travel agent , you can pick up early or late bargins if you shop around.Because i cant get out of timeshare i am going to use another exchange company with no membership fees, it may have limited exchanges but it's worth a try. If anyone knows how to sell a timeshare please let me know as have spent too much money on promises that they can sell it.


I sold a timeshare last month through Aberfoyle holidays but it had been on their books for about a year before a potential buyer came along.

I was happy with their service and there is no upfront fee. The sale price was only £250 less than my original asking price. I think the key is to be realistic in what you can expect as a sale price and be paitient.

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