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Started by Betty Boop, February 11, 2008, 21:27:11

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Betty Boop

Hello to everybody and good evening. We have a problem and maybe here we can find someone who can help.  

We have been week members (just one in Madeira) since 1997, switched then a few years ago to the points system and had in order to make the change possible to buy another one.

The Weeks system was not perfect, but it worked well enough because we could check on the web site what was available and what was not.

Since switching to the other system, there have been promises from RCI that the web site would be completely changed/updated. We have been waiting more than a year.
Last summer, when booking our holiday, we could at least check the points table in order to know in advance how many points we would have to spend.

Now we do have access to the web site, but can't see what is available, nor can we see, how many points we would have to spend.

I wonder whether we are the only ones this is happening to, or is this really standard procedure.
At RCI they tried to fix it (they said so and the mails went to and fro for about five weeks) and now they have given up on us. They told us, that at the moment it is not possible for us to have access and that they are working on it, but that they can not tell when the problem will be solved and that they are sorry .....

So the most important question for me is: Do other European members have the access we don't have and do they get to see the availability in the different resorts?

Thank you very much for helping


Betty Boop


In the UK, when we switched to Points, we were not able to check out exchange availability via the website, despite this service having just started for Weeks members.  This was in 2000 I think.

New points members were not happy and it was the main grumble about the points system.  Eventually, after lots of promises, we were able to search online and book both points and weeks exchanges (but probably not until about 2003).  We are still able to do this although there have been some problems in last year or so with online searches and bookings for exchanges in Weeks inventory - at moment can do a search but have to contact RCI by phone to make booking and get points total. [:(]

According to a friend who is a computer expert, the computer systems RCI use are not up to scratch for such a big company (and for the money they must get in from members!).  Europe is the poor relation compared to N America where it would seem that most of the investment is made to improve computer services.  But at least we can do more online in the UK than the rest of Europe - not a good situation for European owners though.

Sue  [8D]
Sue B

Betty Boop

Thank you for your fast answer

To have to contact RCI to make the booking is one thing
but to have no information at all, (availability/points) is a complete nuisance

I simply don't want to phone, it takes too much time,
i prefer to make a preselection at home, but I think I can forget about that

I really think we should get rid of RCI.

Time is running out for us this year

Betty Boop  

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