Cancellation by RCI of booked accommodation

Started by Suebe, August 01, 2008, 17:32:43

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Why is it that having reserved (and had confirmation) of accommodation at a Crown Resort in Spain, a few weeks before the start date, we have RCI contacting us to say that the accommodation is no longer available and they are trying to find an alternative?

Apparently the first booking was cancelled in May, but no one from RCI told us about this until middle of July!!!  Luckily, they have found us alternative accommodation in the same size apartment (3-bedrooms) at a different resort, although one suggestion from RCI, at first, was for accommodation at two different resorts!

What happened to the original accommodation booked?  Why is it no longer available?

I have heard of people phoning up resorts a few days prior to going, only to find that there is no record of their booking for that resort!!  What would happen if people turn up at a resort on a Saturday/Sunday and there is no record of their booking - RCI office are shut so who can the resort check with?   [:(]

Sue [8D]
Sue B


Sue B


Sue this has happened to me on 4 occassions over the last few years! Its really anoying - but the small print in thier rules says they are under no real obligation as long as they refund your exchange fee and your week into the spacebank! We have made really in depth arrangements on each occassion - including car hire and such like- only to be informed that the  holidays not available!


There are a number of possible reasons for a previously deposited unit being unavailable.  Those that immediately spring to mind are (in no particular order):-

A unit being added to the system in error either by RCI or the resort.
An owner depositing the week but then not paying the maintenance fees.  This can result in the resort withdrawing the week.
An owner selling a unit with a week deposited in the exchange system, but failing to advise the new owner of the fact.  RCI seem to be keener to keep the owner happy than the member!
Damage to the unit making it unusable.  If the resort is fully booked in high season, they may have no alternative accommodation at the site.


Perhaps the insider might have some comments to make as well.

Sue B


I think Keith has given a good breakdown as to the possible reasons such a situation occurs - and it happened to me last year.

My concern is that judging by posts on sites such as this it seems to be happening more often and always with RCI. This would suggest something else is at work as well.


Yes, well maybe we all need to seriously begin to consider whether membership of RCI is worth all the hassle.  At the moment we will stay members but I can see a time in the not too ditant future when we may not.

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