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You have been trading (on holidays) in another country in Europe (including Norway & Iceland) , and something has gone wrong - bogus Holiday Club Memberships, Resales ***** included. It appears perhaps that a commodity you have bought is defective? Or that the goods you have ordered through Internet were never delivered?

Below we will tell you how to complain regardless of whether you have bought something while you were physically present in the other country or if you have bought something via Internet / Cold Calls.

If you want to complain over a commodity or a service that you have bought in another European country, you should start with addressing the seller. Send a letter, a fax, an e-mail or make a phone call to the seller and explain what you are dissatisfied with. Describe the matter as complete as possible. Send copies of receipts, certificates or similar documents. Ask the seller what he will do in order to remedy the defect and ask for a written answer within for instance two weeks.

If you do not come to terms with the seller, the matter has become a dispute. Then you may turn to the European Consumer Centre in your country - check below link. We will help you to proceed with the matter and to have the dispute tried before a competent complaints board in the country you bought the commodity or the service.
First of all, you fill in a complaints form which the EU-Commission has worked out, and which has a link to this article. It is not mandatory to do so, but we recommend it in order to have the matter illustrated in the best possible way. To conclude, you sign the complaints form and send it to your EU Consumer Centre in form of a letter.

EU Consumers Centres can help you:
- preparing your complaint
- if necessary translating various documents
- passing on your complaint to the right complaints board

EU Consumers Centres know how the complaints boards in the various countries work and can give you information about possible costs, the time it takes to handle the case and so on. We keep in contact with the committee en route in the handling process. If necessary, we can also help you with the filling in of the complaints form.

(Step by Step what to do & list of Consumers Centres in the whole of Europe - information in all European languages) (English complaint Form)

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