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Started by , June 18, 2006, 11:44:11

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if you are permanent resident or singaporian when some body call you on your mobile phone or home phone that they told you that you and your husband/ wife are selected by oriental travel to be one of VIP Guest hang up your phone dont set appointment with those people, be ware of this tour day are wenesday-friday 11:30 am /2:30 pm/ And 6:30 pm and on the weekends 11:30 am/ 3:30 pm when your tour is that time, never attend or to have apointment::::::::
guys oriental travel is a scam
please past it over to all singaporian/ i have been an employee of oriental travel. that why they asking you if you have major creadit card/ or you are earning 72,000 combine income of your husband/wife

please past it over.
to all readear send me an e-mail please:

on this e-mail address

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