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If you want to see what can happen when timeshare goes wrong, visit my website at

This company, Royal Resorts, run by John Spence, sold 80 year 'right of occupation' contracts for a resort in Australia called the Royal Terranora Country Club.

It sold these timeshare weeks from it's office in Bali.

Suddenly a few years later it has decided to close the resort, stating that it was in bad repair and would cost too much to refurbish. They wrote to owners telling them that they would be transferring owners to other resorts, in Bali, or Goa. If you did not want to transfer to Bali, you would lose your timeshare. (letter can be found on my website)

When people complained, they decided to keep Terranora open, probably realising that there could be legal action.  Cunningly they have put up the annual fee by 40%. Of course now people cannot afford to pay that, and will end up giving up their timeshare anyway.

What makes the matter even more strange is that I have an email (also to be found on my website) from the Terranora manager stating that the resort id in top condition, very well maintained. So who is the liar? One says this, and the other says that.

Even worse than that, in 2002 Royal contacted all Royal Resort timeshare owners (bali/phuket/goa) in Australia telling of the marvellous opportunity to exchange weeks to points. Now, just four years later this scheme (called Flexi-point) has gone belly up. First of all they wrote to all flexi-point members to tell then that the scheme was going to close (members would lose everything). But again, maybe after legal advice, the scheme will remain open. Of course the annual fees have skyrocketed, and new memberships are closed. What future will these poor suckers have?

The worst thing is that there is nothing we can do about this company. It is impossible to pursue them through the Indonesian system, The Australian authorities do not have the resourses to investigate, even though the company and John Spence is based in Australia. The Australian Timehare and Holiday Ownership (ATHOC), the industry body is unable to investigate because of juristictional issues - and because, in my opinion, it is run by the industry, to the extent of advertising these corrupt companies on their website.

The truth is that timeshare is a rip-off. If resales are only worth 25% of original purchase price - if you can resell at all, it follows that timeshare companies missell. Royal Resorts, including Flexipoint Holidays, is among the worst of them.

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