C.E.O. of MacDonald Options resigns !

Started by online, October 16, 2004, 18:49:21

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Oct 16 2004
At least one person in the Macdonald empire has some honour â€" John Macdonald -  who has  just  resigned following the accountants report for the year in which he had headed up the “Options” scheme . A report which confirmed what observers had already suspected,   that Options failed to achieve any of the targets he had agreed when he was taken on in 2003.
But his departure, as well as leaving a void of intelligent timeshare marketers in the Donny Macdonald empire (and a nominee on OTE), leaves an even more untidy mess than before he came with a few hundred owners now in a  group  which has no hope of a separate existence.
Will Donny  unscramble the mess or will his pride be too great to admit that he got it wrong and leave these poor souls in limbo?

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