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Started by Newshound, February 15, 2004, 12:38:07

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Macdonald Hotels aiming to win back timeshare contract.

Macdonald Hotels will attempt tomorrow to wrest the lucrative management contract of the Loch Rannoch timeshare resort back from the club committee of owners which deposed the hotel group last summer.
The committee, elected by an overwhelming majority of votes cast by lodge owners at an annual meeting last May, appointed a new management company - TMSL - set up by former committee members to run the resort, despite a threat by Macdonald that it would bar owners from its hotel and swimming pool on the site if it was not re-awarded the contract on unchanged terms.
Macdonald, which runs nine resorts, lost the contract and (as The Herald reported last June) barred timeshare holidaymakers from entering its facilities. It has also refused to hand over the address list of 4000 owners to the club committee until it has been paid an alleged debt of £803,000 for historic uncollected fees.
The committee disputes the club's liability, has continued to contact almost all owners through its own ingenuity, and says it has received no reply from Macdonald's lawyers since October.
In another skirmish, Macdonald took out an injunction to prevent the resort's manager, Margaret Noble, from continuing to work at Loch Rannoch. The injunction lapsed, and Noble immediately began working as resort manager again.
Now Macdonald has written to members asking them to vote, at a reconvened annual meeting in Perth tomorrow, for a change to the club's constitution which would enable members to overrule any transfer of the management contract for up to nine months after a committee decision.
The Electoral Reform Society had been allowed access to the owners' list to ensure everyone can vote, but it will not be able to count the votes as Macdonald has asked for proxies to be returned to itself. The club says Macdonald is acting outwith the club's constitution, but is confident of seeing off the challenge.
Meanwhile, the committee has told members that management fees are 16% lower this year than in the last year under Macdonald, and a third lower than they would now have been.
Allan Kenneth, elected committee member, said: "Had (Macdonald) been awarded the new contract, access to leisure facilities and hotel would have cost the average member around £157 for each lodge week. The only advantages would have been access to the leisure facilities and hotel. That is expensive swimming."
He added: "We know there are a minority who are angry about the temporary loss of an on-site pool ... We expect to replace most of the facilities except hotel access, over the next year or two."
The committee has told members that according to reports from the club auditors, official inspectors, and the RCI resort exchange club, TMSL is "doing a fine job". Its newsletter says: "Demand for rentals is outstripping supply - a far more buoyant market than in the past."
The club takes a commission of 20% to handle rentals, against 40% or 70% under the old regime, and owners only pay £60 to register a transfer, compared with up to £690 previously.
It says that Macdonald's proposed rule changes would hand complete control of the resort back to the hotel group on an indefinite basis.
Macdonald has said it has a "duty to its shareholders to recover losses, irrespective of whether the management agreement comes back to Macdonald or not". It was unable to comment further yesterday.


Loch Rannoch owners won again and gave a big 'V" sign to Macdonalds.
How soon before all the other Macdonald Owners Committees get the message and take all the other resorts from the company? thereby lowering all the maintenence fees and taking the lucrative contracts from Macdonald.
There would certainly be some agro round the big table in Bathgate then  [:D]

Boss Man

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