Macdonald Hotels face the OFT

Started by Newshound, March 14, 2004, 08:00:15

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Macdonald Hotels and Highland property group feud continues

TIMESHARE property owners at Loch Rannoch Highland Club in Perthshire will tomorrow ask the Office of Fair Trading to investigate the behaviour of Macdonald Hotels at the resort.

The holidaymakers are seeking redress because Macdonald barred them from its flagship Loch Rannoch Hotel after the timeshare owners removed a lucrative management contract from Macdonald.  


Hadn't heard about this from the new management company as that is where our timeshare is. Will be interested in results. RCI banning Loch Rannoch at moment for new weeks.


[:D]Interesting that MacDonalds are now allowing access to the hotel bars and restaurants for Loch Rannoch Owners. (previously banned after take over by new management company voted in by owners)

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