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Every year more than 3 million Americans attend a timeshare sales presentation, and statistics reveal that 250,000 of them decide to purchase. Do those buyers make the right choice, or were the ones who walked away taking the smarter course of action?

That question could only be answered by examining each individual decision, of course, but there is no doubt that timeshares have become a significant factor in the travel and vacation industries. Confusion reigns for many prospective timeshare buyers trying to sift through the meanings of phrases such as "fixed week," "floating week," "fractionals," "points-based systems," "deeded" and "right to use."

But with more than 6.5 million people owning timeshare at over 6,000 resorts worldwide - and perhaps three times that many people considering a purchase - there is a critical need for objective, unbiased information about timeshares.

That's why Timeshare Insights (www.timeshareinsights.com), a consumer information source, was created by industry insider Lisa Ann Schreier. She understands the importance of providing consumers with the information they need to make intelligent decisions about timeshare.

"Purchasing timeshare can be the best thing a vacationer has ever done, but it can also be a huge mistake," said Schreier, who recently completed writing a book on the subject titled Surviving a Timeshare Presentation - Confessions from the Sales Table (available July 2004). "With the average cost of a timeshare in the United States being approximately $13,000, it's crucial that people understand exactly what timeshare is and whether it's right for them before they make a purchase decision.

"And that's what we help them do, by breaking through all the confusion and by separating facts from fantasy. The timeshare industry has received some well-deserved criticism, especially for some of its high-pressure tactics and false information given by some salespeople, but there are plenty of good things to say about the industry as well. The key is to discover if timeshare is right for you."

Schreier was a contributing columnist to The Timeshare Beat, the industry's most widely read publication, for more than three years. She has been a successful salesperson and sales manager at several of Orlando's top timeshares.

"I founded Timeshare Insights because I've seen firsthand how, armed with the right information, the entire timeshare sales presentation can be a much more enjoyable process for consumers. Better informed consumers would force salespeople to sharpen their skills and would influence resorts to take the long-needed leap of giving consumers what they want and need. It would be a win/win situation for everyone."

Schreier's Web site includes general information about Timeshare Insights, definitions of timeshare terms, frequently asked questions (and answers), advantages and disadvantages to owning timeshare, and information on her upcoming events.

Schreier understands that a better informed consumer may not be what every timeshare salesperson wants to see.

"Soon after entering the timeshare industry, I realized that timeshare is one of the best products in the world, but it's often marketed and sold in the worst possible way," she said. "It's true that not every timeshare salesperson is in love with us. If you're trying to sell something to someone who you know will probably end up experiencing buyer's remorse, you don't want that person to have all the facts. But we want the consumer to be as educated as possible, and if that gets under the skin of some timeshare salespeople, so be it."

Although some people believe that timesharing is a relatively new concept, it actually started in the 1960s in Europe and began gaining popularity in the United States in the 1970s. Basically, timeshare offers consumers the opportunity to purchase or lease vacation accommodations in resorts, usually in weekly intervals.

For a one-time purchase price and an annual maintenance fee, consumers own their vacations either in perpetuity or for a pre-determined number of years. One of the biggest advantages to timeshare is that the vast majority of resorts allow the consumer to trade their purchase for the equivalent at another resort.

In the past few months, Lisa Ann Schreier and Timeshare Insights have been featured in the Los Angeles Times, WOR-AM in New York City, WCKG-FM in Chicago, the Orlando Sentinel, the San Jose Mercury News, "Travel With Kal" in Connecticut and will soon be highlighted in "New Jersey Lifestyle Magazine."

Timeshare Insights offers general and specific information, answers consumer questions and operates as a beacon of light in an often confusing area. Informational seminars, one-on-one counseling and no-nonsense, fact-based answers to commonly asked questions from consumers are some of our services.

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