Consumer Timeshare Magazine Debuts as Industry 1st

Started by Newshound, June 11, 2004, 21:10:45

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Consumer Timeshare Magazine Debuts as Industry-First

Arizona-based specialty magazine publisher, announced today the launch of its newest publication, Hiatus Travel Magazine.  Hiatus is an unbiased national consumer travel magazine that will speak solely to vacation and timeshare enthusiast families.
   Ongoing research has shown that one of the biggest barriers for the timeshare industry is the consumer's lack of knowledge of the product and how it works.  David Wood, Editor in Chief says, "Hiatus will change all of that.

It will change the way people buy and exchange timeshare property."
   By providing useful resort information and continuous education on the
timeshare product, Hiatus has positioned itself as an ambassador for the
vacation ownership industry, and an entry point for consumers interested in
learning about the product.  "Hiatus will decipher the facts, myths and
inaccuracies of buying a timeshare and encourage families to thoroughly
explore the array of vacation ownership options available to today's
discriminating traveler," states Wood.
   Hiatus aims to be the one-stop vacation planning resource for timeshare
owners and potential owners.  Destination features will cover worldwide
locations, both popular and remote, that have timeshare accommodations
available for purchase, exchange or rental.  In addition to destination
features relevant to any traveler, Hiatus offers extensive ongoing education
on timesharing for the owner and the potential owner.  Resorts and activities
will be reviewed by editors and recommended based on the editor's first-hand
experience.  Readers can also write reviews through the extensive resort
database on  Each issue will also feature one or more of the
Bigfish signature comparison charts, which allow the reader to compare many
resorts or products side by side on a number of criteria.  This extensive
collection of reviews and information allows owners and potential owners to
feel confident in the resort they buy or exchange into.
   The quarterly magazine was unveiled to the timeshare industry at the
American Resort Development Association's (ARDA) Convention & Expo held in May
in Las Vegas.  As the vacation ownership industry's first truly unbiased,
consumer travel magazine, it was received with much interest and praise.
"Hiatus is truly one-of-a-kind in the industry.  There are owner newsletters
and resort developer magazines out there, but this is the first to present
third party, audited resort and activity reviews, with insightful, appealing
travel articles and photography. It's turning heads in timeshare," says Wood.

   Hiatus Travel Magazine is an independent, unbiased consumer publication
for the travel and timeshare enthusiast.  Hiatus is published by Bigfish
Publications, a Scottsdale-based specialty consumer and leisure magazine
publisher.  The publisher, editors and writers do not invest or maintain any
personal financial stake in any firm whose product or service is reviewed in
Hiatus Travel Magazine.


I wish them well, but they are hardly an industry ''first''.  After all, Timesharing Today ( ) has been around for quite a few years.

There was also a recent attempt to put our a similar magazine, Timeshare Connections, but after a few issues, its focus drifted away from timesharing.  In Europe, there was also the now defunct Timesharer.

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