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Started by , July 27, 2005, 11:33:02

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Do RCI do there resort ratings at any particular point in the year? I just wondered how long Dona Lola will have to wait to find out if their Gold Crown status has been restored



RCI redoes its award status calculations late in the year.  Resorts find out any changes in November.  RID (which RCI just announced will be renamed ''Silver Crown'' in 2006) is based strictly on number averages from certain categories of the comment card scores.  For Gold Crown, there are siimilar but higher number average threholds plus a list of other qualifications.

I provided TUG some time ago with all of the comment card treshold numbers plus the additional requirements for GC status, and it is posted in their advice section.

RCI has also announced recently that they are studying changes in both Gold Crown and Silver Crown qualifications to come into effect in 2008.

Resorts get monthly reports showing their past two months comment card scores as well as 3-month and 12-month averages.  You might ask your resort for the 12-month average in each category on their latest report and compare it to to GC qualifying numbers you can find on TUG.

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