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Started by Jackiee, April 27, 2004, 22:59:35

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I can still see them.


I can see the valves as well.

What I have noticed recently is that on the index page they used to show a Points symbol against each applicable resort, along with other special features, but the Points symbol has disappeared.

I may be cynical but maybe it was because it allowed you to do a quick check on the number of resorts which had converted to Points and the last time I checked it was far from the majority that RCI would have us believe.

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I wonder ??? Is RCI pushing all the good weeks into points so that it gets off to a good start. It seems that way as I hear more and more people saying 'I got what I could not get with normal exchange'. It makes sense for them anyway...

Any comments on this anyone ?

I went from Exchange weeks to points about 4 years ago and I still have same problems of nothing available when and where I want, so have set up a message board to gather others moans and groans about RCI Europe.
http://unhappy-timeshare-user.fcpages.com  Please visit.


We changed two of our weeks into CRI points when RCI commenced this and what a mistake.  They went into RCI points and devalued one of our weeks in points value and we were unable to get a reasonable exchange.  Apparently RID and Gold Crown do not come into the criteria for points and exchanges. Tried to sell the pure points which had cost us £1000 but had to give them away to get rid of them. My view is that you should not get into this points system if you want points go with a reputable company like Disney or Fairfield as their systems work and are fair and above board.


Well then folks, I can hardly believe this, but we have an exchange to The Manhatten Club in New York!!

I was so infuriated by all the comments about RCI renting out weeks instead of allowing members to exchange, as well as not getting an exchange previously, that I put a search on for a whole year.  It seems to have worked.  I actually forgot about it as I didn't think it would happen.  When I contacted RCI about it even they were amazed.  The girl at RCI had never known anyone get an exchange to this resort.  She was telling all the operators sitting near her!

The motto: have faith, just don't be in a hurry..........[:D]


I'm pleased it worked for you Jackiee but one swallow doesn't make a summer.  I find it very interesting that the RCI call centre people considered that your success was such a rare event!  That speaks volumes about the RCI exchange system in general and the points system in particular.
Ian Chisholm


I am also glad to hear thast you have managed to get an exchange with RCI points - we are certainly so glad we got rid of ours.
Good luck


Hi Barbarian & Brenda,
I am the first to complain when things don't go right. I was disgruntled previously when not getting an exchange to New York but as there is only one block of timeshare units in New York City and many, many hundreds of people requesting it, I could understand why.

Having previously been Weeks owners and now Points, there are times when we don't always get just what we want.  That's the name of the game.  We have almost always received an alternative that has been just as good.  Normally we place a request and generally get what we want or similar.

Barbarian, I am confused by your comments about the exchange system and Points in particular.  The exchange to the Manhatten Club is using Points to a Weeks resort, for which we pay more than a Points resort exchange.  Are you still an RCI member?

Brenda, you saying you're glad we managed to get an exchange with RCI Points I am also confused by.  If we thought exchanging would be more difficult in the Points system we wouldn't have joined it.  Can I take it you had difficulty?

If a time comes when we are unable to exchange we would cancel membership and visit our own resorts but until that time it suits us.[?]



I have just gone further back the forum and found a previous entry from you.  You certainly seem to have had a hard time of it.  Maybe we've just been lucky so far but we'll have to wait and see.  We can't always get a Points exchange but can get a Weeks exchange to the same resort.  This costs us more which is annoying.  However, we actually own the weeks not just Pure Points, so can remove these Weeks from the system if we decide to.

Boss Man

I think what a lot of people do not appreciate is that all of timeshare, exchange through an external company or an internal exchange, is always SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY.


Exactly, if there's no available unit you can't have one.  The fear most of us have lately of course is that RCI just might be hanging on to them to either rent or dish out cheaper via another web site.



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