Cendant Cyber-Wars???

Started by , November 09, 2005, 22:07:51

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Does anyone else find it really curious that the server at RCI is "Down for maintenance" as often as it is?

Not just the scheduled weekly maintenance, but also apparently randomly several times throughout the week?

Do any of you work anywhere where the servers fail as often as the RCI servers supposedly do?  Have you ever even heard of a major corporation with such an IT situation?

I note with special interest and paranoid suspicion that the Cendant Corporation message board on Yahoo, a hotbed of anti-Cendant rants and information sharing, has also been down, due to "server error," for 9 days straight now.  Do you think there is any connection?

I alluded to this this morning on TUG and the thread got locked, pronto, by the moderator there.

Got a couple of theories, here.  Cendant may be under cyber attack by some expert hacker who is upset at them....LOTS of folks are upset at Cendant, not just timeshare owners, but also shareholders.  I don't imagine this would be particularly difficult. Considering how many rental sites now are basically using the same code as the RCI website, that code must be pretty widely disseminated by now and available for examination for vulnerabilities by anyone who knows that they are doing. Or Cendant itself might be shutting down it's internal servers for reasons of it's own, (perhaps to hide the traces/extent of their looting of the deposited weeks) and shutting down the Yahoo board for similar reasons.

Or, heck, it could be nothing at all.  But nonetheless, I find it curious..the RCI site down so often, the Cendant board on Yahoo down at the same time.  We see how Cendant wages cyber-propaganda on the TUG board...I wonder if there is more to it.




Originally posted by Aldo

Does anyone else find it really curious that the server at RCI is "Down for maintenance" as often as it is?

I alluded to this this morning on TUG and the thread got locked, pronto, by the moderator there.

My answer to your first question is 'no'. I also checked TUG for your offending post and found it in the Ask RCI section in a thread with no question for RCI. I therefore conclude that either;

a) you don't understand the rules for posting in that section or,

b) you just like have your posts locked as it fits in with your RCI/Cendant conspiricy theories.

I don't agree with RCI's rental policy and think their online service can be improved but I don't think they are plotting the downfall of the timeshare system or that the majority of their members are as dis-satisfied as you claim.


I doubt that most of RCI's members know about the rentals at this point.  If that word did get out to the masses, there would be an exodus.  However, the masses are starting to figure out that something is wrong becuase they aren't getting the exchanges they used to, and that is starting some movement.  Talking to someone in the resale business in my area. until a few years ago they really didn't hear complaints about RCI, but now it is the number one reason that people give for deciding to sell. They don't know the details but they can see that they aren't getting what they used to in exchanges.

RCI/Cendant has to know the impact their new policies will have on resorts as people bail out.  One has to assume that they therefore intend those results.  Obviously, this will cause RCI loss of membership and revenue as people bail, so they must have some idea of how they are going to compensate in some other way with other revenue.  That is what leads to the question of what RCI/Cendant's hidden agenda is in all of this.


  I'm not sure that I agree with your assessment of Cendant's motives and their possible long term agenda.  I'm not at all convinced that they have a long term agenda.
  The impression I get about Cendant management is that they a just a crowd of corporate pirates and looters.  Every deposited week they rent out puts $800-$1000 or so on the bottom line of this quarters report.  And the management is making millions in salaries.

  If (when) timesharing is destroyed by them, they don't care...they've got hundreds of millions in their personal accounts as a result..they'll buy a house whereever they want to travel, not trade timeshares.

 Long term agenda?  If there is one, I suspect it's "Apres moi, le deluge."


If all this is true, and I believe it possibly is, why is it not being broadcast more in the newspapers and on TV?  If it was, there would be an outcry by the masses.  Aldo and Carolinian, someone with the knowledge would have to do it.......why not one of you?



How do you find the Cendant Corporation message board on Yahoo?  Is it in Yahoo groups?  I couldn't find it there under timeshare groups.

Thanks . . . ddipar

 On the opening screen of yahoo, on the lower right there is a place to type in a symbol for a stock quote.  Enter "cd," to get the latest Cendant quote.  On the left hand side of the resulting page is a series of links to all sorts of further details about Cendant.  One reads "message board."


Jackiee, knowing something is happening and proving it are 2 different things. Once you deposit your week with RCI, it is theirs to do with as they wish. RCI does not give out much information, but for the past two reported years they have shown small decreases in the number of exchanges, while still showing an increase in total exchange revenue. I suspect that one of the reasons Cendant is thinking of splitting into 4 different companies may be problems expected to occur with RCI. An RCI subsidiary, Fairfield is currently being sued by 2 individuals who could not get an exchange with their Fairfield points. The defense offered the following reason among others, saying that ownership of Fairfield points did not guarantee the owner accomodations. The full story and exact quote are in the November/December issue of Timesharing Today and the story may also be somewhere else on the internet..



Thanks for the info on how to find the Cendant message board on Yahoo . . . The comments are pretty interesting to read . . . Seems like a general consensus that Henry Silverman is a thief . . . One of the posters had this comment about some of Cendant's subsidiaries:  "RCI and Fairfield are whorehouse businesses vulnerable to lawsuits."

And we know that this chicken has already come home to roost with the Fairfield lawsuit . . . Can a lawsuit v. RCI be waiting in the wings?


It wouldn't suprise me.

I disagree with the comparison, however.  There ARE some honestly run whorehouses.



Thanks for the info.  I do understand that individuals must be careful in what they say.  Lets just hope that so many are now disgruntled that they are prepared to take action.  It's all very interesting.  Probably the North American timesharers, who have been in the business longer I should think, will be more vocal and will go for the jugular sooner than us Brits.  I hope so......

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