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I'm currently looking at getting into timeshares after much research.  The plan that I've come up with is I would like to buy points in AUS and the supplement them with cheap weeks with points for deposit.  My question is that there is obviously a chart for what a week is worth and I would like to know if anyone knows where to find it.  I'm basically trying to compare expense between the way above and just buying straight points.  I hope to end up with around 100000 points with the lowest MF's possible.  If any of you with more TS experience could help or have a better strategy please help me out.

THanks a ton


Hi Jefho

I do not know of any chart Or list that gives the best resorts in Australia for points the most popular resorts would be in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast and in the Cairns part of Australia .
But Mf fees would be high there also Gold Crown resorts also would give you more points also in these regions but the old saying is there is no free lunchs any more you only get what you pay for .

I have found a deal for 74000 points for $2500.  MF's would be $650.

My main question is if you buy a week how many points is it worth if you convert it?  I have seen some cheap deals for SA weeks but I don't know how many points they would be worth, so I don't know if it's a better deal to convert weeks or buy straight points.


Originally posted by jefho

I have found a deal for 74000 points for $2500.  MF's would be $650.


I have always used the commonly held rule of thumb that maintenance fees should equate to no more than $.01 US per point so long as due diligence has been done on the other factors relating to the purchase. So, 74000 points for $650.00 per year amounts to $.08 per point. This sounds good to me.

Also, if you are considering buying from a points resort, they will be able to tell you the annual points value. If you are considering the "weeks for deposit" program which allows you to deposit a weeks only resort week into the points plan, there is defenitely a chart that tells you the value of your week. Does anyone know if this is publically availabe? I have copies so could answer specific questions about the value of weeks dposited for points.


I think another consideration might be the 'maintenance fee' or yearly charge for pure points.  I believe it can be quite expensive.  We only have about 3000 with the rest made up from weeks so don't know just how pricey it is.  It's something to think about though.



Since pure points are not a North American thing, I'm still confused about them. Who sets the yearly fee for them and how is it generated?



Pure Points are under RCI control and they set the annual fees. The fees charged on your pure points depend upon the total number of points in your account. The rate per pure point is lower the greater your overall total.


Ceding weeks into the points system worked out to be cheaper than converting our fixed weeks to pure points but if you do this its obviously worth doing a regular check on the fees plus any associated costs.

If we want to convert to pure points in the first 3 years they there will be a further "charge" not a lot but enough to make it more expensive than it would have been to convert into pure points in the first place.


Simon gave the answer to the question you asked me.  I do know of people who were looking to buy timeshare weeks on resale in order to get the points they were worth.  This was because it worked out cheaper than buying pure points once maintenance was taken into consideration.

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