How much should points cost per year?

Started by heather, June 12, 2006, 17:45:32

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Another thread on the conversion of weeks to points has me wondering what you, from the UK, think is a fair annual maintenance fee to pay in exchange for RCI points. I have points from points resorts and points from the weeks for deposit program. I feel that I am getting good value for my money if I average out at $.01 US per point. My currency converter tells me that this equals .00542447 GBP. Using my faltering math, and if I were in the UK, I would buy at a resort that did not have annual fees of more than 358 GBP.

Is this a guideline that fits with your expectations?




We only have 3000 Pure Points with RCI.  This is what we had to buy when we converted from Weeks to Points membership.

On our annual statement received last month we were charged £26.40 for these Points.  That equals £0.01 per Point.  We also have the membership fee of £77 and a 2005 Levy of £23.50.  On querying this Levy I was told it was money due for last year.  RCI received it late from the resorts (I think!). Whether this is an increase in the Points Management fee or the Membership fee I am a bit unsure.  I think it is the Points Management fee though.  If that's the case it makes the Points cost 0.02 each.

Now, whether this is a fair price to pay or not I don't know.  Looks like, as usual, you get a better deal on your side of the Atlantic though! [:(!]


My average mf per point across my 3 units is £0.004 or around $0.0074. At these costs I find the RCI Points system cost effective for me - even on certain points partner deals such as car hire which can otherwise prove expensive.

Two of my units have MFs in excess of your £358 limit but I have bought at places I intend to use regularly - I will only use exchange systems for as long as they they offer good value; I am certainly not reliant on them. However, the MF per point on one of them is the lowest I own at £0.0038 so a higher MF can offer greater Points exchange options.

As a general rule I would suggest that if someone is buying a week solely for the MF/Points value currently look no higher than £0.0045 but the scheme can still offer good value at about £0.007.

You will note that the MF of pure points bought from RCI are higher than this.    



Originally posted by Jackiee

Looks like, as usual, you get a better deal on your side of the Atlantic though! [:(!]

So.......if this is the case, why do people who buy to trade not buy into the US market? I bought two weeks in South Africa for this purpose only and they have served me well. Or is there something preventing this?

And the discussion of pure points and their cost fascinates me as as I have never seen pure points here. When we went into points, my only option was to buy into a resort which we did by buying an every three year ownership.

I wish our currencies were the same and then it would be easier for me to understand what simoncc and Jackiee are saying. Out with the calculator again!

Fianlly points partners gave me a great deal on a cruise and three other couples came along for the same price. However, I understand that this is not the norm.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


I just realised I don't think I answered your question correctly.  I don't have time to work it all out but will later and post my findings.

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