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Started by , December 09, 2005, 21:02:17

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Just a theoretical---

Suppose RCI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cendant Corporation, confirms your exchange into a resort.

And then, you went out and bought non-refundable airplane tickets for your vacation, using Orbitz, also a wholly owned subsidiary, of Cendant.

After this, RCI contacts you said rescinds your confirmation, saying it had been sent out to in "in mistake,"  for whatever reason...

Anyway, should ORBITZ now refund the plane tickets they sold you?  After all, they are the same company as what rescinded your confirmation?

And if so, should they have to make a refund if Orbitz and RCI weren't owned by the same company?

None of this real life..just thinking out loud....


Scenario one:

They'd probably try to get out of it by saying they're part of the same 'Group' but separate companies.

Scenario two:

If tickets were non-refundable they probably wouldn't pay up, especially if you hadn't taken them up on their usual offer of 'special timeshare insurance'.


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